Wine and Dine at J. Sparrow's

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

Amidst the many restaurants and bars in Kuningan, Jakarta, J. Sparrow’s Bar & Grill is one that always catches everyone’s attention. The eatery at Noble House Building is famous for its splendid interior that’s reminiscent of old European buildings.

Designed by Andrew and Martha Tso of Tso Architect, J. Sparrow’s Bar & Grill’s picturesque art deco look is marked with high ceilings, white-washed stonewalls and an elegant chandelier hanging in the main area of the restaurant. But there’s no doubt that the most distinguishable feature of the establishment is the three huge arches adorning the bar area, strategically facing the entrance.

The al-fresco area is designed to have a slightly different feel than the interior, with a ceiling decorated with American Oak wood paired with nautical elements in every table and chair.

J. Sparrow’s Bar & Grill is open from lunchtime until late night and it can cater up to 250 people. Those who prefer a more intimate setting can reserve its private rooms, small or large, located on the second floor above the wine cellar. They are detached from the dining area and can accommodate up to 20 people if both rooms are combined into one.

Contrary to popular belief, the name J. Sparrow was not inspired by the fictional character made famous by actor Johnny Depp, but rather from the sparrow bird known for its creativity and diligence. Channeling the spirit of the bird, the restaurant has a mission to serve a wide range of delicacies prepared by highly-skilled chefs and bartenders, using only the best ingredients.

The bar offers a selection of cocktails that are perfect for the Indonesian palette, while from the food menu some of the must-try dishes include the lobster for seafood lovers, Tomahawk and Prime Ribs for meat eaters and Bakmi Ayam “Chinatown style” for local food enthusiasts.

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Bagus Tri Laksono

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