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INDONESIA DESIGN covers how lifestyle collaborates with design trends and developments throughout Indonesia. Ranging from traditional cultural homes, unique and unusually designed buildings to multi-million dollar construction projects throughout the tropical archipelago, INDONESIA DESIGN offers something for everyone.

Founded in recognition of design excellence, it also acknowledges the artistic creativity of the numerous artisans who contribute to making the environment we live in a special place.

The mission of INDONESIA DESIGN is to discover innovative designs, new talent and showcase them bi monthly. Each edition is produced in both English and Bahasa and a different theme is selected based on design developments and market demand in Indonesia.

Our reader’s range from high net worth decision makers, developers, consultants, designers, contractors, hotel management companies, academics, to students who use INDONESIA DESIGN as a valuable resource to acquire new ideas and knowledge.




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Design Seminar Organized By Indonesia Design

Design Seminar Organized By Indonesia Design

On the 18th of April, 2013 a design seminar organized by Indonesia Design, and sponsored by ASAKI (Asosiasi Aneka Keramik Indonesia), was held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). This event enticed architects, interior designers, hotel management companies, developers, lecturers and even bright young minds, as students and professionals flocked together inside the Merak Room on the lower level of the JCC.

The Director at Web Structures, Dr Hossein....

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Indonesia Design’s
Campus to Campus Road Show.

Indonesia Design’s Campus to Campus Road Show.

Program Campus to Campus dari Indonesia Design mengunjungi 5 provinsi di Indonesia yaitu Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali dan Jawa Timur (Surabaya dan Malang) pada Oktober-Nopember 2010 lalu. Dengan tema “Bringing Innovative Technology to Campus” yang bertujuan memperkenalkan teknologi-teknologi baru di bidang bangunan dan konstruksi untuk menambah wawasan para mahasiswa, Indonesia Design menggandeng beberapa mitra kerja seperti Holcim, Aquaproof dan Ralston. Berikut....

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Indonesia Design Held Advertising Agency Gathering

Indonesia Design Held  Advertising Agency Gathering

To strengthen the bond of friendship with the community advertising agency, on the 23rd of May 2013 Indonesia Design organized an Advertising Agency Gathering-Lunch with Indonesia Design at Talaga Sampireun Restaurant, Bintaro. In the midst of a nature feel, the guests who came varied such as: MCI Ad, deltakreativindo, CRUSH Indonesia, impact, talk, link and many more. They seemed to all enjoy the menu with a variety of dishes cooked with an one of a kind genuine....

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A Contemporary Celebration at ART JOG 2013

Posted: 09th of October 2013, 02:37:25 AM

A Contemporary Celebration at ART JOG 2013

By all accounts, Art Jog was a hit. The buzz surrounding the opening, reports of over 10,000 visitors, the foreign guests, curators and museum representatives clearly indicate the worldwide interest in contemporary Indonesian art. I visited the fair a week after the opening, when the crowds have thinned, to spend quality time with the art.

The piece “Pièce de résistance” that everyone was talking about was the installation by Iwan Effendi, the....

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