Why is Yogyakarta the Center of Arts in Indonesia?


Since the beginning of the Republic of Indonesia, the island of Java has held a central position in the story of Indonesian art history. The island is home to the country’s two most dynamic art centers: the art academies of Bandung and Yogyakarta. The difference between the two is the result of the contrasting experiences that both went through during the colonial occupation. The art scene that first emerged in Bandung was the result of Dutch initiatives to import foreign teachers to instruct young artists, while the art scene in Yogyakarta was born from nationalist ideas due to the city’s position as the center of revolution at that time. In this issue I am going to focus on Yogyakarta, the city that has given birth to many of the country’s most celebrated artists.

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Deborah Iskandar
Deborah Iskandar is the principal of ISA Art Advisory (enquiries@isaartadvisory.com), which advises clients on buying and selling art and building collections, and the founder of Indonesian Luxury (indonesianluxury.com), the definitive online resource for Indonesians looking to acquire, build and style their luxury homes.

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