Van Gogh in an Urban Setting



When two Dutch originals from different lifetimes join forces, a great collision between the two distinct ethea is in order. Innovative mobility company, Bugaboo, introduces to their ergonomic strollers a touch of fine art by one of the greatest painters known to the planet, Vincent Van Gogh.

In the late 1800s, Van Gogh’s penchant for flowering trees culminates into Almond Blossom, a beautiful painting featuring Japanese-inspired design with dramatic strokes and radiant yet elegant colours. For the impressionist mastermind, Almond Blossom signifies life, awakening and hope — three words one would easily associate with a newborn child.

With this vision in mind, Bugaboo unveils a collection of fully equipped strollers with components and attributes that embody the Almond Blossom painting and Van Gogh’s unparalleled craftsmanship. Dubbed the Bugaboo Bee³ + Van Gogh collection, the collaboration is naturally a work of art in the most interesting contemporary-meets-classic sense.

Each stroller features a green chassis with a faux leather handle bar representing the colour of the tree’s branches, and a petrol blue seat mirroring Van Gogh’s bright blue sky.

The lucky baby gets to be shaded from the blistering heat by a delicate silk-like bassinet that bears Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom, not forgetting the art-aficionado parents who get to escort their precious one in an object of virtu. Together, breathing nature into what would otherwise be a predominantly urban spring, they can roam the streets in style, comfort and ease.

The collection is available starting April 2015.

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