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While Surabaya has been a hub for business and trade long before the arrival of the Dutch, the metropolis today is famed as a centre for the nation's emerging creative economy. Seeing an opportunity, the Ciputra Group built two small office/home office (SOHO) towers for its Ciputra World Surabaya development to introduce the home-office hybrid living concept to the city: The fast selling SkyLoft-A Lifestyle SOHO and VieLoft - Next Level SOHO.

VieLoft Next Level SOHO At Ciputra World Surabaya

Story by Barbara Hahijary
Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono, Ciputra World Surabaya and Renovatio design studio Doc.

Unprecedented growth in the creative economy has affected many aspects of work as well as the contemporary lifestyles of knowledge workers. As technology advances have allowed many to work from home, it has become typical to have a studio or a dedicated work space in a person's residence. Architects and designers have responded, devising spaces where these two functions merge in the form of loft design or small office/home office (SOHO) spaces. The SOHO ethos, which has been seen in big cities all over the world, was recently introduced to Surabaya by the Indonesian property giant Ciputra Group at its Ciputra World Surabaya.

Development of this prestigious superblock started with its first phase, comprising the Ciputra World Mall, The Via and The Vue Apartments. The second phase included the luxurious Hotel Ciputra World Surabaya, The Voila Apartments and its first SOHO tower, SkyLoft, which now is in the completion-and- handover process. The Ciputra Group is currently in the third phase, which comprises the Ciputra World Office, VieLoft and a Mall extension that will connect all the existing towers in the superblock. The future Phase 4, followed by Phase 5 will wrap up and complete the Ciputra World Surabaya Superblock into a world-in-one project.

Tutut Gunaedi, the general manager of Ciputra World Surabaya, says that SkyLoft-A Lifestyle SOHO was the first SOHO tower in Surabaya. "Its unique construction concept, with a multi-function mezzanine floor, drew people's attention- especially young urban professionals and creative people - think medical doctors, start-up businesses, dentists, lawyers, architects or fashion designers - who merged their work and living spaces. The lower floor can function as the office, while the mezzanine, which is smaller, can be a living space - or vice versa, depending on the needs of the user. The level difference gives each floor its own zone be it private or public.:

Sales have been good, Tutut adds. Responding to keen interest, Ciputra Group launched VieLoft-Next Level SOHO, which will be its second and last SOHO project in the Ciputra World Surabaya compound. VieLoft-Next Level SOHO was designed by DP Architects Singapore, who also crafted the masterplan. The building is covered by an insulating double-glass window system to reduce the effects of heat. Windows will be mounted from floor to ceiling in every unit to ensure sufficient daylight- as well as amazing city views at night. The big openings make the room feel more spacious. Each unit comes equipped with a VRF air-conditioning system that allows users to manage electricity usage. The seventh floor will offer facilities such as a swimming pool, a gaming room, a playground, a fitness centre, a meeting room and more. The property managers say that those who live and work here will be guaranteed privacy and security. Each tower has its own drop off point and lobby. Entry will be by access card, which authorised guests will receive after leaving their ID at the reception.

Each unit has a granite-tile floor finishing that makes the space luxurious and presentable even when undecorated. There is a spacious feel, thanks to the 5.8-metre floor-to-floor height of each unit, giving a flexibility for those eager to strike a work/life balance. Merging home and office makes life easier and more efficient, as less time is wasted in traffic, while a homey working environment makes workers feel comfortable in spending time "at the office". As a living space, the units comprise a productive neighbourhood that encourages collaboration and efficiency. People might greet their clients and office guests at "home", something that was well exposed in a show unit designed by Yohannes Mochtar.

"Corresponding to the target market, I'm picking a living space of a photographer for the show unit. It showcases how private and working spaces can be pulled together in the same area and share a living room for casual and business conversations, while both still meet their essential needs," says the interior designer.

In the same complex with the five-star Hotel Ciputra World Surabaya, high-end apartments, a luxurious office tower and with direct access to the most prestigious Mall in Surabaya, VieLoft-Next Level SOHO makes it easy for residents to set up an appointment. It is strategically located on Jl. Mayjen. Sungkono. VieLoft-Next Level SOHO indeed shares the same passion of the city for productivity. It is a chance to merge your living and working spaces in the heart of Surabaya at VieLoft Next Level SOHO - Ciputra World Surabaya.

Project Data

Project Name
VieLoft - Next Level SoHo

Land Area
90,000 sqm (the whole superblock)

Semi Gross floor Area
38,181.14 sqm

Total Units

Unit types

PT Win Win Realty Centre

Architecture Consultant
DP Architects Singapore

Local Architecture Consultant
PT. Perentjana Djaja
Show Unit Interior Design

Renovatio Design Studio by yohannes Mochtar

Lighting Designer
MaW Lighting Consultant

Mechanical & Electrical Consultant
Arnan Pratama Consultants

Civil & Structural Consultant Benjamin Gideon & associates (BGA)

Ground Breaking 2015

Completion Schedule
VieLoft - Next level Soho
Ciputra World Surabaya
Jalan Mayjen Sungkono 87-89 Surabaya
t +6231 563 2828
f +6231 566 8777

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