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Yello Hotel

Story by Anton Adianto
Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono & Yello Hotel Doc.

Jemursari is one of the busiest districts in Surabaya, located near the Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (SIER). It is also less than half an hour from Juanda International Airport and a 15-minute-ride from Purabaya bus station. Also nearby are a shopping mall, a basketball stadium, a zoo, as well as houses of worship, universities and several urban landmarks. For this reason, a large number of hotels are beginning to crowd the Jemursari strip, one of the most important arteries in Surabaya.

Yello Hotel Jemursari is a 3-star property with a different philosophy from other properties in its class. In addition to presenting a unique functional design, the Yello has a colour scheme unlike any other business hotels. The distinct design resulted from a superb collaboration between Ricky Go Architect and the AER Design Studio.
The hotel shrewdly combines the serious side of business with a more leisurely ambience for those who are young at heart. The faade features a specific style that continues to the main entrance, where the floor has been raised above street level so that guests will encounter an elevated lobby, a design feature that is uncommon in Surabaya. At the end of the steps that lead to the lobby, guests will be wowed by an energising burst of yellow and a unique mural painting adorning the area.

"The direction that Tauzia wanted for the hotel was clear, the mock ups for the rooms were even available for inspection in Jakarta," Ricky Gunawan, the principal architect of Ricky Go Architect, says. "In the end - in the field- it was all up to the designers to translate the designs into reality." A. Erwin S, the principal architect of AER Design Studio, echoed Ricky. "The design that we presented here was compromise on the client's brief, which demanded something a little bit rawer in nature. Instead, we presented a cleaner design to better suit the existing condition."

A refreshing ambience is evinced in the lobby, where a large open space painted in yellow dominates the view. One of the most interesting aspects of this public area is how Yello uses a "cups" concept for space around the reception area, where there is no elongated and sturdy reception desk typically found in other hotels. A large opening facing the front facade also makes the lobby area and Netzone appear more welcoming when viewed from the front and from the other side.

While these design details were specified by Tauzia Hotel Management, implementation needed creativity, considering that the Yello Hotel Jemursari Surabaya would be the inaugural offering of a new brand. From the room design, it is evident that Ricky Go Architects, who were commissioned to do the interior design, and AER Design Studio, which was responsible for the technical aspects of construction, came up with a well-planned overall and room arrangement for the hotel.

In addition to the unique and open design for the hotel's public areas and rooms, which are considerably more spacious compared to other three-star establishments; the Yello Hotel Jemursari offers an industrial-style dining area that combines the concepts of fast food and dining in. Called Wok-n-Tok, the restaurant was devised with the approach of a "wokfast" (breakfast) buffet and all- day a-la-carte dining, coupled with a well-stocked bar area. The eatery showcases a brilliant concept through its attractive design.

To satisfy its targeted audience of business travellers, the hotel offers 150 rooms that feature a unique interior design with murals depicting different words in every room, along with five meeting rooms that are positioned above the lobby. However, the fun, refreshing and spirited ambience of the place is by no means replaced by a rigid business approach, especially with the inclusion of facilities designated for young customers such as Netzone, Chill Spot and Gaming Station. "I am proud to lead the Yello Hotel 3-star brand, which is dedicated to netizens. As the world welcomes more digital and millennial travellers, I will make sure that this hotel becomes their first choice whenever they travel to Surabaya," Ita Tania, the manager of Yello Hotel, says about the concept of merging the young spirit and the business-like ambience of Surabaya in this hotel.

Project Data

Project Name
Yello Hotel Jemursari Surabaya

Land Area
1,932.35 sqm

Gross Floor Area
8,330 sqm

Architecture Consultants
Ricky Go Architect & Aer Design Studio

Principal Architects
Ricky Gunawan & A. Erwin S. Interior
Design Consultant Q-bic

Space Interior Consultant
Principal Designer
Ifan Roring

Lighting Designer
MAW Design

Landscape Designer
Rosario Garden

Civil & Structural Consultant
Benjamin Gideon & Associates

Main Contractor
PT Tatamulia Nusantara Indah



Yello Hotel
Jl. Raya Jemur Sari No.176
Surabaya 60292
T +6231 843 1999
F +6231 843 6999

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