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The fast-growing office and business area of Jalan TB Simatupang in South Jakarta has presented to be a very promising venue for many prestigious vertical dwellings. One of the top-notch apartment blocks in the area is Izzara, part of the residential component of Sima Izzar, a mixed-use development that combines a retail-supported prime office tower and two luxury apartment blocks, Izzara North and Izzara South.

As the most dynamic and attractive area for business people and expats in South Jakarta, the strip of TB Simatupang is looking more favorable these days with the plan to build the Depok-Antasari toll road and other public transportation means in the future. In addition to being the artery road that connects Tangerang and Cikarang, especially with the opening of Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR), this main street has turned into a part of Jakarta that is swamped with mining as well as oil and gas offices. During the last couple of years, the construction of new offices has also enlivened the atmosphere of this area.

Izzara is developed by PT. Grage Trimitra Usaha (GTU), an Indonesian developer that is also the brain behind impressive portfolio that includes several properties under the flagship of luxury brand Alila, which is famous for its eco-luxury boutique hotels and resorts such as Alila Villas Uluwatu and Alila Seminyak in Bali, Alila SCBD in Jakarta and Alila Villas Bintan in Bintan island. In addition to its remarkable track record, Izzara has also become a pioneer in the development of luxury level apartments in the Simatupang area.

The architecture is handled by IAW Thailand under the direct supervision of Shimizu Corporation. Established in 1994, IAW is known as an international design consultant that consistently applies the ultra-sophisticated urban minimalist style in all its designs. For this project, IAW designed a unique façade design that resonates with the minimalism and elegance of the overall theme. Meanwhile, the mesmerizing lighting is the work of Lighting Planners Associates (LPA), a Japanese group established in 1990 that enlists expert engineers and designers well-versed in creating inspiring lighting environments as its members.

Izzara offers three towers, two of which have 32 levels each and a total of 308 units in Izzara North, as well as 234 units spread over 35 floors in the more exclusive Izzara South. Also in the same site, a stately office tower with a modern concept, The Sima, will be constructed at the front of the site, facing Jalan TB Simatupang.

Izzara offers several different types of living arrangement in its Izzara North and Izzara South towers, all with outstanding quality. Izzara North has 5 types of accommodation: one-bedroom with a dimension of 64 sqm, one-bedroom with a dimension of 70 sqm, L-shaped one-bedroom with a dimension of 71 sqm, two-bedroom with a dimension of 99 sqm and two-bedroom with a dimension of 108 sqm. In Izzara South, there are 2 main types on its typical levels (level 1 to 31) that are characterized by four different dimensions: two-bedroom with a private lift measuring 147 sqm, three-bedroom with a private lift measuring 176 sqm, three-bedroom with a private lift measuring 182 sqm and three-bedroom with a private lift measuring 199 sqm.

Also inside the most prestigious tower in the compound are the Suites Floors on the 32nd and 33rd levels that has 6 units on each floor. These units include three-bedroom apartments with private lifts with the following dimensions: 176 sqm, 182 sqm and 199 sqm, as well as four-bedroom apartments with private lifts measuring 293 sqm. Above is the Junior Penthouse Floor with only 4 units per floor, comprising 3 different types that include four-bedroom units with private lifts with the following dimensions: 323 sqm, 326 sqm and the biggest one at 346 sqm. Each apartment unit is handled with the ultimate care, especially when it comes to material specifications and location accessibility.

Another crowning point of Izzara’s design is its landscape arrangement that boasts a legendary name in the field, Germany’s Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl. The firm’s main characteristic that aptly integrates urban hydrology, environmental engineering, landscape architecture and arts into the urban context can be clearly seen in its full glory here. One of the applications of this characteristic is evident in the dramatic gardens that offer a comfortable respite for anyone passing by. Access between each tower is verdantly designed and the incorporation of the river that halves the compound into the landscape design is excellently executed.

Izzara also puts forward several impeccable supporting facilities separated to the office tower and retail area that include Olympic-size infinity pools, kid’s pool, huge lagoon pool with closely-guarded privacy, a club house, library, a vast gym, a children playground as well as a day-care service for kids and jogging track with greenery along the river that give complete privacy to the owners. The apartment is designed with privacy since it is completely separated with a grade-A office tower with retail facility such as supermarket, coffee shop, restaurants and bars for public. This excellent service of Izzara stems from the fact that it is backed by the Alila Hotels & Resorts, a brand that is known as one of the expert hospitality providers in town. It is therefore not surprising to see Izzara provide the best resort-like service in order to cater to the needs of their apartment occupants. Some examples of this are its valet-service, 24-hour concierge and on-call personal assistant service, which is similar to the butler service in Alila Villas, a facility that is well-known for its professionality and promptness.

As the future Central Business District in Jakarta, the area of TB Simatupang provides a positive development seen from the business and residential point of views. For some time now, Izzara has smartly adopted this positive inclination by doing thorough researches that ensure the apartment becomes the pioneer in the development of luxury vertical dwellings in the area. “Izzara is specifically designed to cater the needs of the new modern way using natural materials such as recycle iron wood for the balcony”, adds Andrew Tjahyadikarta, Chief of Marketing from GTU Group. The developer’s portfolio in managing the celebrated brand Alila has certainly played an important part in how it provides a thorough service for the occupants of the two Izzara towers to ensure their utmost comfort and privacy.

STORY BY Anton Adianto PHOTO BY BBagus Tri Laksono and Izzara Doc.

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