Eddiy's Serene Nest in Surabaya


Surabaya-based architect Eddiy designed this residence to foster a feeling of home. This house doesn’t only bear a resemblance to a nest. It also feels like one.

Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono

The arrangement of the horizontal wooden panel on the front facade is the focal point of the house from the street. The panel is reminiscent of a bird’s nest, where small twigs are stacked horizontally to form a comfortable house. The nest analogy is reinforced by the panel’s location two stories up, far above the ground. This lets people who are inside the house look out, while those opposite can only wander what lies within. In contrast, the front facade of the first floor in treated differently, with ivory-toned stone and a plain white wall.

To enter, take the stairs that pass through the lush front garden and that lead to the front door. The colour scheme in this transitional area emphasises the tranquility of the interior. The wooden door is floor-to-ceiling, giving a monumental look to the entrance. The matching foyer places the room in harmony with both garden and the other rooms of the house.

The first floor caters to several functions with an open-plan common area. It consists of a pantry, dining room and a living room. The dining room is the heart of the house, since it not only connects the pantry and the living room, but also to the second floor, where the bedrooms are. The architect has highlighted this room as a place for the family to gather for dinner or for other special occasions. An upright piano sits under the staircase so that the sound of music can fill the home. These three rooms are covered in neutral colours that evoke a serene feeling. The modern setting of the interior is accented by the use of natural objects-from wooden wall panels and furniture to the marble television panel. The area has a wide opening and a direct access to the swimming pool, a sun deck and a well-groomed landscape, and is filled with natural daylight. There are also dramatic views of the lighting and the landscape at night.

The master bedroom takes up half of the second floor. While the room’s colour palette is in harmony with the common area, it also features a playful pattern in bold colours that accent those in the attached living room. Neutral colours are deployed for the walk-in wardrobe, so that the client’s wardrobe and accessories will stand out. The en-suite bathroom is located parallel to the wardrobe for an easy access when getting dressed.

Zoning in this spacious room makes it seem like a hotel suite. It has window openings on two sides that have been sandblasted on their lower parts for more privacy. Nevertheless, the owners are greeted by warm sunlight every morning.

The location of the house in a suburban area adds to the feeling of peacefulness, freeing the occupants from the hustle and bustle of the city while accentuating a feeling of ease. The occupants can nestle in the serenity of their nest after a day’s work and indulge in the feeling of being home.

Project Name

R+Y House


Dharmahusada, Surabaya

Land Area

487.5 sqm

Gross Floor Area

680 sqm


Rudy H

Architecture Consultant


Principal Designer


Interior Design Consultant

DAW Interior

Principal Designer

Paulus Slamet Sugiarto

Main Contractor

Jonathan Suwandi

Interior Contractor

Duta Adhi Wisesa





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Barbara Hahijary
Barbara earned her bachelor's degree in architecture from the Interior Architecture Program of the University of Indonesia in 2013. Historical or heritage buildings, as well as utilitarian design, fascinates her as it is the interaction between people and architecture that remains her favourite topic to explore. Besides architecture, her interests include design, handcrafts, literature and social issues.

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