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Nowadays smart options are available for the comfort of almost anything; smart phone, smart home, smart furniture, you name it. SALTO Systems, a leading lock systems in the world, just released a new smart product that's integrated with a mobile app and backed with sophisticated technology. Visually, it fits seamlessly with various interior styles.

When it comes to locking system, security is one of the most important elements. SALTO Systems always puts security first in their products, and it advances along with the development of technology. “The Ælement Fusion is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled. It means user can open the door by using their online mobile key, which is delivered OTA (Over The Air),” Subandi Susilo, SALTO Systems’ country manager for Indonesia, explains. So the use of a physical key, even in the form of a magnetic card, is no longer necessary.

The lock system is integrated with a mobile appl called JustIN Mobile. The app communicates securely via cloud and enables the user to receive the room key online, anytime and anywhere. The user only needs to present the app to the reader that is installed at the door, above the lever handle. It is secure because an online key cannot be duplicated.

If something happens to the mobile phone, such as it gets stolen or the user loses it, then a cancellation of keys is required. “SALTO ProAccess SPACE, which is our software, can quickly send new mobile keys to users and the lost mobiles are blacklisted almost immediately via SALTO Systems’ wireless networked locks,” Subandi explains. In the event that the user is not able to replace the mobile soon, the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards can still be issued as a temporary means to access the doors.

The Ælement Fusion lock is not only secure; it is also easy to incorporate into various styles of design. In the process of designing the product, they listened carefully to what interior designers and architects had to say. Each lock consists of a lever handle, a sleek round reader, with a slim battery pack inserted inside the door.

The whole design is flexible in a way that the designer can match the lock with other lever handles if it’s thought to be more suitable visually. They also make sure that users can intuitively find a way to present the app or access card to the doors. “It is discrete yet easy to use,” Subandi explains further about the reader.

The Ælement Fusion, like other SALTO Systems products in general, is designed with a minimalist concept. It fits perfectly with contemporary buildings in different verticals. The locks are compatible with buildings like hotels, schools, hospitals, government institutions, commercial buildings and even private homes.

Since SALTO Systems started out as a company 18 years ago, their objective has always been to devise a world-class access control system that is simple to use, and enable users to secure their doors without complex wiring. The technology team, based in Spain and the Netherlands, has never stopped developing products and solutions that are highly relevant to the market.

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