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While frequent travellers might be savvy about packing, those more sedentary can aim to do the same. So look no further: Surabaya-based TFG Traveling offers the goods to make getting ready for your next trip convenient.

TFG Traveling Products

Photo by TFG Traveling Doc.

The firm's little red flag logo has been posted to Instagram from numerous locations around the world. Not many, however, know that the products are made in Surabaya by TFG Traveling, founded by a young entrepreneur, Edwin Yanee, a passionate reader of self-improvement and marketing books.

At first TFG only produced camera straps. Edwin introduced the brand as Taylor Fine Goods. "Since we wanted the products to be worn by both men and women, I was searching for a unisex name on the internet. When I typed 'Taylor', Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift popped out. Their famous names would make the brand easy to remember." When some said that Taylor Fine Goods might be too long, he shortened it to TFG, adding "Traveling" to show the brands peripatetic spirit.Camera straps were among the first products the brand introduced in 2012.Good sales encouraged the team to design more products.

Currently, TFG Traveling offers dozens of items, ranging from key chains, card wallets and pouches to larger goods like sling briefcases. The products are made from a canvas-like material and synthetic leather. Colours are mainly dark, such as black, navy blue and brown for easy maintenance. Some are available in red, camouflage and olive green, the current favourite.

TFG products are designed with simplicity in mind for your traveling essentials, as seen by its best-selling backpacks and tote bags. Simplicity has become a signature design touch that's been noted on social media. Edwin said that he has been inspired by Japanese designs, adding a label that says "Tokyo, Japan" to some tags in homage.

Frequent personal travel gives insight into to the designs. The brand's toiletries pouch has multiple pockets and a hanging rope. A cross marks the kit's medicine pouch. There's even a multi- pocketed wallet that can keep track of four currencies at a time.

"We ensure that our customers have a pleasant trip since everything can be packed and organised well, and hence easy to find. We are the brand that provides the most complete range of travelling utilities, at least in Southeast Asia," he adds. TFG Traveling makes people at ease to get ready, set and go.

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Barbara Hahijary
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