Pamela Bathgate: Udhiana Resort Ubud's General Manager


After decades in the hospitality industry, Pamela Bathgate is nothing less than an expert when it comes to running hotels and resorts. She applies her many years of experience to Udhiana Resort Ubud as its general manager. She shared her vision for the resort to Indonesia Design over an afternoon coffee at her favourite spot in the resort.

PHOTO BY Bagus Tri Laksono

How would you personally describe this property?
I describe it as the morning of the world. You can easily tell when you wake up to the sunrise here. You get the same impression when you arrive at the lobby where you can see the Ubud forest and hear the sound of Petanu River. That is why [our guests] come here, to listen to nature, away from hustle and bustle, and just be. Everything is so pure and calm – just what people need in a life full of stress. It is really a retreat.

There are three levels in the resort. All rooms basically have the same size and facilities. At first I had thought that only the highest level would have the best view, but I went to the second and lowest levels and they are just as amazing. I tried staying at each level and I can tell all of them have equal features. As you go lower, you can hear the sound of the river more clearly.

Please tell us more about the dining experience.
My friend Nicholas Lazzaroni is a very good chef hence when we were looking for one, I called him. He said to me, Chef Putu Hovit has worked with him in a respected resort, and now he is ready to run his own kitchen. Then we interviewed the chef he recommended, this chef pulled it off and he has been amazing. He continues to surprise us with his creativity and discipline, for the cuisine and also the pastry. Luckily, the owner, Ketut Alit has set an incredible dining area, so they fairly complement each other.

The area beside the spa and gym are still under construction, are there any other activities you would like to share to our readers?
We have complimentary afternoon tea between 3-5 pm and there will be a cooking class presented by our amazing chef. With that being said, guests that come to this resort are not demanding for full-day activity. They just want to be left to have their own time. Many of them are honeymoon couples, so they like to stay in their rooms actually.

What are your goals in terms of service?
For me service is the top priority; I appreciate it the most and I notice when something is lacking. It is a special resort, so that should also appear in the service. The Balinese hospitality, their gentleness and humble nature are just their natural gifts and the guests love it.

What do you think is the best way to enjoy the resort?
The sunrise is the golden time. But say if you are not that morning person, wake up at 7 am and open your curtain, and you can still see the jaw-dropping morning sun beam coming through your window. Around the afternoon until 6 pm, it is lovely to sit down at the terrace of the restaurant and just be. However, you are always welcome to come here and enjoy it your way!

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