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By Natasha Gan

The 2016 Oscar nominations are out and as expected, we find George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road on the list for best motion picture, achievement in production design and eight other categories. The Mad Max: Fury Road production design was done by Australian Colin Gibson.

The movie is set in the dystopian future, where a woman named Furiosa (Charlize Theron) teams up with a group of female prisoners and a drifter called Max (Tom Hardy) to rebel against an oppressor. The Mad Max: Fury Road production design brings the movie to life and draws the audience right in with outrageous cars and exhilarating desert scenes.

Studded with skulls and heads of baby dolls, the cars are the defining attributes of the Mad Max: Fury Road production design. From the Cadillac Coupe de Villes to the glorious trucks, the vehicles in the car chases were designed with each stunt and character riding them in mind. The art department, stunt crews, special-effects people collaborated to execute scenes beautifully and safely. Specifically for the insane Doof Mobile carrying a heavy-metal guitarist, Gibson remodelled an eight-wheel-drive and installed steel air-conditioning ducts, blaring loudspeakers and lights. In fact, for all of the movie props Gibson worked with engineers and mechanics to repurpose recyclables into props maintain a realistic apocalyptic setting from beginning to end.

Mad Max: Fury Road Production Design - Location

Gibson and his team travelled to Chile, Bolivia, Jordan, Libya and Dubai before finally settling with the mountainous sand dunes of the Namib desert for the location. He had reason to be selective, and was in no rush especially considering he had spent 15 years planning the design.

The end result is a compelling movie that's loudly different in its distinguished details and deft film-making. Let's wait and see if Mad Max: Fury Road manages to win the coveted accolade.

Photo by Mad Max: Fury Road / Warner Bros. Pictures

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