iD Award Nominee - Best Architecture Design: Andra Matin


Isandra Matin Ahmad brings international attention to Indonesian modern architecture. The Padjajaran University’s architecture graduate has worked to one of Indonesian design giants Grahacipta Hadiprana, before establishing his own firm andramatin in 1998. With his team, he consistently designs modern architecture within Indonesian contexts, for residential, hospitality, office, museum, park, commercial and exhibition. His studio is also best known as an incubator for emerging architects, notably SHAU’s Daliana Suryawinata and SUB’s Wiyoga Nurdiansyah.

Andra’s designs evoke straight-forwardly bold building outlines. He often uses unfinished concrete, as he believes that concrete reveals its true character as a material, while also reflecting warmth and strength. He puts local details into his designs, like traditional woven panels in Pasar Tubaba project. His other notable works are include Katamama, Dia.Lo.Gue, and Salihara. He has won numerous awards including the Association of Indonesian Architects (Ikatan Arsitektur Indonesia, IAI), in 1999 and 2002, 2006 and 2011.

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