Iconic Historical Buildings in Indonesia



It began with the establishment of Kutai Kingdom in 300 and Majapahit Kingdom around 1,000 years later, followed by the spread of Islam from ternate to the mataram sultanate. later on, the colonial era started in 1512 and saw three european countries (Portugal, England and the Netherlands) ruling over Indonesia, in addition to the japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945. the historical events that shape Indonesia as a country have also endowed it with riches beyond compare. the diversity of culture, tradition, history, religion, politics and economic, among others, are merged together in a group of islands that cover a total of almost 2 million sq km of land. one of these treasures comes in the form of architectural heritage, with numerous historical buildings spread around the archipelago. the buildings described below share the same characteristics: significantly historic, architecturally sound, and having a close bond with local, regional and national culture. these iconic structures are still intact and can still be enjoyed to this day.

STORY BY Anton Adianto

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