High Five




Twilights are daily events which have unlocked many hearts — special moments when night turns to day and vice versa. In our country twilight begins around five, both AM and PM. While most watches accentuate the numbers in the vertical and horizontal axis like three, six, nine and twelve, an Indonesian designer has gone against the mainstream by marking only the number five in his watches and using the Bahasa translation “Lima” as its brand.

STORY BY Barbara Hahijary PHOTO BY Bagus Tri Laksono & Lima Watch Doc.

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Barbara Hahijary
Barbara earned her bachelor's degree in architecture from the Interior Architecture Program of the University of Indonesia in 2013. Historical or heritage buildings, as well as utilitarian design, fascinates her as it is the interaction between people and architecture that remains her favourite topic to explore. Besides architecture, her interests include design, handcrafts, literature and social issues.

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