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Since the early ages, mankind has been nomadic in nature. Migrating for survival slowly morphed into leisure traveling, due to the Romans who could not contain their wanderlust. One thing that remained constant has been people’s need for a practical travel kit. This too, eventually evolved into the need of not just any travel suitcase, but into a need for a light, stylish and branded set - and RIMOWA seems to have it all covered.


Then known as Kofferfabrik Paul Morszeck, RIMOWA, produced their first case in Germany at 1898. During the time, suitcases were made of wood — robust, durable, yet heavy and unappealing, but Cologne-based RIMOWA had already been fixated on inventing the lightest possible suitcase for travelers’ convenience. It was just like constructing a plane, particularly a Junkers aircraft, which aims for the perfect combination of lightweight and high stability.

When RIMOWA achieved that with the use of aluminium in 1937, globetrotters of the high society were choosing their light, sophisticated suitcases. Within a few years, their suitcases became the symbol of prestige in traveling. Over a century later now, RIMOWA’s cases with their signature grooves are recognizable worldwide. Their resilience, optimal maneuverability, lightness and design distinguish them from other brands to became the epitome of light and stylish traveling.

RIMOWA’s third in line, Dieter Morszeck, had a motto for his luggage empire, “Craftmanship meets high-tech”. That proved to be an apt slogan when Morszeck introduced the company’s first waterproof case as early as the late 70s. They became a commodity of high demand among circles of film and TV crews and photographers. A rendition of this desired collection is the Tropicana series. Then as now, the hand-manufactured sturdy cases effectively protect their contents from water, dust, humidity, tropic heat and arctic cold. With polysterene insulation similar to that of a cooling box, and a sealing panel lined with plastic hull, the cases make an impermeable hermetic shell.

To cater to the varying needs of customers, Tropicana’s interior has a flexible layout system. It can be tailored based on the space needed for specific equipment. RIMOWA’s Tropicana collection is available at Plaza Indonesia - one of Jakarta’s most exclusive high-end shopping malls - at their branded outlet.

Regardless of what the differences may be between the RIMOWA waterproof collection from 1976 and the latest Tropicana range - as technology advances and affects the required size of the cases - one thing that remains a constant is the products’ durability, lightweight and the style that a RIMOWA bag provides to travelers, ensuring that this brand will be revolving around luggage collection points at airports around the globe for many more centuries to come.

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Natasha Gan
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