Dreamy Techs For Your Workplace


As technology advances, creative and innovative inventors continue to come up with smarter gadgets, furniture and everything to make our lives easier.

Gravity balans Chair

Work-life balance. It’s a phrase more commonly heard now that work has dominated more of people’s life. Varier Furniture, an innovative Scandinavian brand, came up with a solution – the Gravity balans Chair. You can work, play and relax on the same chair. When you recline, it can elevate your feet to above your heart. It also automatically rocks in tune with your breathing. When playtime is over and you need to pay closer attention, you can fully rock the chair forward. Typing on a computer, reading a book, or even napping can be done comfortably on this chair.

MyLiFi Pro Lamp

Forget WiFi. Now there is MyLiFi Pro, a sleek desk lamp with LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology that allows mobile devices to connect to each other by using LED lights. The lamp reinvents the broadband internet connection without harmful radio waves. The connection is highly secure with password access control and more powerful than WiFi. Furthermore, it’s flexible because the light beam can be pointed in any direction according to your need. The colour temperature and the light brightness are adjustable. It also provides a USB dongle and MyLiFi App to use on the go.

Epic Virtual Keyboard

Tablets and smartphones have become more widely used as people’s main computing devices. They are easy to carry around, hence effective for certain fields of work that require high mobility. However, typing is still best done with a regular-size keyboard. That’s why you may want a Celluon Epic virtual keyboard. It fits in your pocket, it projects a full-size QWERTY keyboard and multi-touch mouse on any flat surface. It’s compatible with iOS 4 and later, Mac OS 10 and later, Android 2.2 and later, Windows XP/Vista/7 and later, and any device with Bluetooth HID support.

Lunavity Hover Backpack

Dream big. Jump high. Human’s obsession of defying gravity seems to be permanent and innovative people keep creating a way to realise it. A team of University of Tokyo students is creating Lunavity, a hover backpack for augmenting one’s jumping ability two to three times higher than normal by replicating low-gravity environments using circular multi-rotor. The functional prototype is being developed, while the true function is still in question. But hey, don’t genius innovations always surface ahead of its time?

Eliport Delivery Robot

With so many things on your daily to-do list, it would be nice to get an extra help to deliver goods or documents. Eliport is creating an autonomous robot for that, which was born out of the need for last-mile delivery services. It’s a ground-based drone that can load itself up with 30 to 40 kg cargo, travel up to 25 km, and automatically transfer the cargo to a pre-installed ‘trunk’ at the recipient address. It’s equipped with 10 to 14 sensors that help avoid obstacles such as pedestrians, and a facial recognition or code-based security system. The prototype is scheduled to be ready by October, while funds are still being raised via the StartEngine crowdfunding site.

Segway’s Loomo Robot

Commuting or transporting between meeting places can be more enjoyable when you’re riding a Segway’s Loomo robot. Like a hoverboard, you lean forward to go fast or lean back to slow down. However, it is more than a hoverboard because it responds to commands, it can park itself, and is connected to its own app. The app allows you to, amongst others, control Loomo to move around, speak phrases you type in, take photos and make videos. The robot sidekick is now being produced and is scheduled to deliver in May 2018.

Bell & Wyson’s Light Bulb Camera

This is not a regular light bulb. A French company Bell & Wyson created a light bulb that’s equipped with a security camera and connected to a streaming app. Leave it on in the room where you store your most valuable things, it records activities within its visible range. If it was turned off by an intruder, the camera will automatically shut down and the footage recorded beforehand will be sent to you. The camera can also be managed remotely via a mobile app available for iOS and Android, which will alert you when movement is detected.

iLevel Laptop Stand

While a desktop computer does not support mobility, working on a laptop for 40 hours a week may lead to a greater back or neck pain. A variety design of laptop stand has grown in popularity now that people are more aware of the importance of health. iLevel from Rain Design is amongst laptop stands with many useful features. You can adjust the screen height easily by dragging the slider, it’s layered with rubber pads to protect your notebook and desk, and the tilt design cools laptop by helping heat escape. Furthermore, it makes a stylish workstation.

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