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Central Jakarta will soon welcome to its midst Arandra Residence, an ethereal five-tower residence complex that offers the ultimate modern living. Developed by the reputable Gamaland and designed by architect Piter Gan, Arandra Residence sets the bar high for other condominiums in the city.

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The five towers are named after what is believed to be the pillars of such a life: Prosperity, Bliss, Paragon, Serenity and Liberty. Serenity, Paragon, and Liberty are at 30 floors each, and Prosperity and Bliss at 24. With a play of simple vertical lines that run all the way up to the crown of each tower, Arandra Residence’s façade aims for the sleek and timeless look.

Gamaland develops the 2.7-hectare project to gear it towards families with children seeking a quality living quarters. In the compound there will be after-school activities (think ballet and music courses), a kids’ club and various outdoor activities for the younger ones. As a cherry on top, the Arandra Residence complex will boast its own retail area, a three-storey lifestyle mall filled with stores with different variety of offerings, including a lively F&B scene with al-fresco areas.

Located in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, Arandra Residence has convenient access to expressways and major public spots. It is a short drive away from Bundaran HI (HI Roundabout) and 40 minutes from the airport, if traffic permits. Depending on the tower, the units overlook either Central Jakarta, Kemayoran, Kelapa Gading or Cawang.

The main entrance and grand lobby are located between the Prosperity Tower and Bliss Tower. With simple and effortless interior, the lobby will be cloaked in contemporary charm. Walk past the lobby and you will find yourself in the middle of the compound. Like a stream running through the valleys of mountains, an infinity pool lines the inner perimeter of the five towers. The palm tree-lined thematic beach pool bends in the middle to make space for the Green Park Sky Garden. Viewed from above, the flanked roof of the Sky Garden resembles the petals of a waterlily. The space serves as an excellent and refreshing recreational area exclusive to residents, conveniently located a few steps away from their home.

Set to complete in 2019, Arandra Residence has been thoughtfully designed by Piter Gan to maximize the privacy and the security of the residents. As a result, the complex boasts a vast parking space beneath the towers which is provided exclusively for the residents. Arandra Residences comprises of more than 1,000 units with the options of one, two and three bedrooms measuring at 36, 75 and 86 sqm respectively. The units are fully decked in marble and parquet flooring and enjoy their own balconies, while the bathrooms are fitted with Kohler fixtures. Residents will be delighted that access to their units will be facilitated by semi-private lifts, a perk that is uncommon in condominiums this scale.
Meanwhile, Gamaland is in the final stage of completion of its 300-metre, 63-storey skyscraper called Gama Tower, also located in Kuningan area.

You Dream, We Build - Dicky Iksan

With apartments and condominiums sprouting up in Jakarta and Indonesia in general, developers must ensure they bring something unique to the table. Indonesia Design sat down with the director of Gamaland, Dicky Iksan to find out how the company plans to distinguish their latest property, Arandra Residence from its counterparts.

What do you think of the current property business? How has this affected the development process of Arandra Residence?
Although there has been a decrease in investments, Gamaland is certain that the property market will flourish,
especially in light of the imminent ASEAN free trade area. We truly believe in Arandra Residence as it bis located in an elite residential area. It is targetted towards the middle to middle-up class young families. It is coming with a cozy and homey feeling, and a lot of facilities for the families’ daily necessities and after school activities for the children.

Arandra Residence is one of Gamaland’s first apartments after Koleza 9 in Medan. What image is Gamaland trying to achieve with the residential projects in the pipeline?
Gamaland will continue to bring the best concept, in line with our motto “You dream, We build.” We promise to always prioritize the needs and wants of our customers, and to offer never-seen-before developments to accommodate these desires. We also commit to deliver quality of all of our products compare to other properties which come in equal price. We aim to give more value to customers.

Were there specific design requirements that Gamaland requested from the designers?
We wanted a property that is space efficient and flexible. One great example of how this request was granted was how a one-bedroom-unit measuring 36 sqm could be readjusted into a three-bedroom measuring at 100 sqm, or even a 110-sqm four-bedroom, just by repositioning a door and combining the unit with the units beside it.

What does Arandra Residence have over other developments in the area?
Traffic in jakarta has been the main concern for the citizen. Young families with two or more kids sometimes need more than one driver to send their kids to school and courses. While other developers are competing with each other in terms of the facilities offered, we are different by targetting our facilities which is more focus on children-centric after-school facilities. as arandra residence’s motto “Your Family’s Quality Home”, we provide extracurricular activities such as study lessons, ballet, computer courses, music classes, etc. within the compound. This way families can enjoy more quality time amongst themselves instead of wasting it on the road, commuting. Parents would also feel more comfortable in knowing their children are within their living quarters.

What is the zoning strategy at Arandra?
We are dedicating Tower 1 and 2 for smaller families, Tower 3 for medium-sized families with a bedroom for the
helper, and Tower 4 and 5 for larger families with each unit measuring at 170 sqm.

What were the challenges in building the apartment, especially considering its location in a residential area?
The area will be more congested and probably create more crowd. However, we try to solve this issue by creating spacious circulation inside the complex as well as providing more than enough parking lots to prevent illegal parking. Moreover, the government has put a great effort in improving Jakarta’s infrastructure. There are on going road and underground sewage system reparations, which actually make it less challenging for us to offer even more to our residents and future tenants. We are determined arandra residence is to be a residential complex and not a mixed-use development in order to maintain its purpose as a safety and comfortable living environment.

How do you plan on reaching your sales goals for the project?
They are looking to spend an affordable amount for an assuring product. We show what we’re offering is high quality, starting with the high end royal Engelfield bathroom fixtures by Kohler, marble flooring, multi-split AC (one machine for up to four AC units), dedicated parking and most importantly, semi-private lifts. Even one-bedroom-units enjoy a semi-private lifts. This is unheard of in other apartments. Moreover, we have a good relationship with many banks who have given our customers very competitive rates for mortgage for property ownership (Kredit Kepemilikan Apartemen/KPA), further assuring our customers of their purchases.

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