A Tale of Two Siblings



Private Residence

Renowned author and illustrator of childrens’ books, Marc Brown, who rose to fame with his ‘Arthur’ book series, once made a very thoughtful remark about family relationships. He popularized the sentiment “Sometimes being a brother is even better than a superhero.” Living in a country that strongly upholds eastern values, family plays a key role in our everyday lives. This upscale residence in North Bandung encapsulates this family theme through a lyrical tale that has been interpreted into a beautiful and symmetrical home design.

STORY BY Anton Adianto PHOTO BY Dikdik Photography

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Anton Adianto
Anton Adianto graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University majoring in architecture. His passion for writing, watching movies, listening to music, uncovering design, exploring the culinary world, traveling, delving into the philosophy of life, meeting people and disclosing all matters related to technology feeds his curiosity. Currently he resides in both Jakarta and Bandung.

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