A Finer Life Begins at Home


A life best enjoyed is a life filled with the finer things. Surrounding yourself with excellent quality of things at home and experiences on a daily basis is always preferable. From the food you consume to how you treat your guests, here are some ways to make it fine and finer.

Home Sauna

Looking for a way to relax at home while adding luxury to your home? How about installing a home sauna? When done right, a sauna can improve your health, from stress to physical illnesses. And having it at home means there’s fewer reasons to ignore what your body asks you. There are a lot of options when choosing a home sauna. You can opt for an indoor or outdoor type, and you can go traditional with the heating system or choose the infrared lamp. The one featured here is the new AIR type from Effegibi. Whichever type of sauna you have at home, it is not a feature than can be found in every property, making it an exceptional facility.

Private Chef

Happy tummy, happy life. Having your favourite food is a good thing. Having a private chef who serves your favourite food, fresh and right at any time you want is an ingredient to a fine life. Your eggs will not be runnier than you like and the crust of your baked chicken will have the right crunchiness. A private chef can be a live-in chef or one who comes to your place a few times a week or during special occasions. He or she should fully understand the science behind cooking, have a basic understanding of nutrition, and adjust the menu according to your health conditions, if any. Ultimately, hiring a private chef can lead to a healthier life.

Game Room

Work and play should not interfere with each other to get the maximum effect of either one. That is why game rooms exist and are ideally located away from your study. In a game room, you can have your preferred game consoles, a pool table, a ping pong table, even a trampoline. A game room makes a good party or entertainment room, depending on the kind of crowd you are inviting. When not being used for a gathering, it can be a place to release your stress or to enjoy a jolly quality time with your loved ones. Maybe consider leaving your mobile devices in another room and focus on having fun the old-fashioned way.

Cinema Room

Sit back, relax, let the movies entertain you. Having a dedicated cinema room is not only great for personal entertainment, but it’s also a fun way to hang out with a bigger group of friends. Plus, you can also screen work-related videos with super quality audio in your home theatre. Watching movies in a home theatre saves you time and unwanted noise and seat-kicking from unknown audience. And you don’t need to worry about running out of tickets.

Pool House

A swimming pool is not complete without a pool house. It keeps your main house dry and makes swimming sessions more practical. A pool house can function as a changing room, a shower room, and a storage for your swimming gears and pool equipment. It can also be an entertaining area, where you can have a barbecue party or host events. Some pool houses even include guest bedrooms. In a way, it can function like a pavilion with access to the pool. You might have heard of it in other names: a cabana, a casita, or a detached guesthouse.

Infinity Pool

Having your own swimming pool is fantastic. But having your own infinity swimming pool is perfect. The illusion from the vanishing edges of an infinity pool gives a feeling of freedom, a sense of breaking free from all limitations. It feels like you could swim to the horizon, even more so if it borders the sea. A lovely sunset view is an added bonus. Imagine just getting home from a business trip that drains all your energy and taking a dip in the infinity pool. That could help clear away your clouded mind, at least for as long as you’re in the pool.in the pool.

Wine Cellar

If you are a wine lover, having a wine cellar in your home must be a dream come true. It does not really matter how big or small the wine cellar is. The most important thing is climate control. Wine has a narrow tolerance for temperature and humidity changes. Normally a wine cellar is placed in the coolest part of the house, like the basement, but it has to be kept in a precise temperature and humidity. If not, the aging process is likely to go wrong. If your house does not have a naturally fitted condition for a wine cellar, there are ways to get around it, like a humidifier, a cooling system or an insulator. The installation may not be simple, but the convenience – and pride – of enjoying and serving good wine from your own cellar will pay off.

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Vira Tanka
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