50 Years of The Iconic Porsche 911


If a car says a lot about the driver behind the wheels, you would put a lot more thought into what ride you would like to be spotted in. In a perfect world where you have the utter liberty to choose, the Porsche 911 would almost certainly be a top contender; it’s a style icon, it’s unmistakably classy and it’s, well, Porsche.

Sports car-enthusiasts have been enamoured by the idea of owning a Porsche 911 since it was first unveiled in 1963.

The car, featuring an iconic roof-to-bumper convex curve and elongated hood, was a great hit when it debuted and has remained as the enduring jewel in the crown for the German automotive company.

Albeit having inspired many other Porsche models, including the Boxster and Cayman, 911’s very design remains largely unchanged. Designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the 911 beguiles with its sleek silhouette, powerful six-cylinder engine and the utmost pleasure and pride that come with cruising behind the wheel. As a man who championed functionality above all aspects, F.A. Porsche ensured a considerable amount of thought was put behind each design decision. The philosophy to be enduringly functional is maintained considering the Porsche 911
boasts a laudable engineering work that makes it well suited for both the racetrack and public streets.

Half a century later, now in its seventh version, the 911 has undergone numerous technology upgrades and design alterations including the forged alloy wheels on the 911 S, the protruding bumpers on the 911 G-series and the rear spoiler on the 911 Carrera, etc.

Nevertheless, all versions would still be highly recognizable as the 911 when they zoom past a street or racetrack. The ride continues to flaunt a posh innuendo and sexiness; all wrapped up in a classic yet distinctly unique design. The Porsche 911 was a dream car then, and it’s still a dream car now.

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