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The Five-star Superstar Three-stripes

In the world of sports, it is impossible to not notice the popularity of adidas. Year after year, the brand produces sportswear that is practical and ergonomic and which sets the standard in sports fashion. adidas Superstar is the ultimate case in point. Initially becoming the ‘superstar’ on the basketball court, the shoes have transformed into a five-star global fashion statement.

Forty-five years ago, ‘shell-toe shoes’ were launched as low-top basketball shoes. The nickname came from
its rubber shell-like toe design. Despite the ‘thick’ appearance the shoe was still comfortable and flexible with any rapid movement and the flat rubber sole avoided any slipping on the court. adidas’ iconic three-stripes sit elegantly on the side of the shoes – complementing the shell-toe, low-top design.

Inside adidas Superstar Supercolor in ollaboration with Pharell Williams
Inside adidas Superstar Supercolor in collaboration with Pharell Williams

Following the successful story on the court, the shoe set a major trend during the hip-hop era which turned the Superstar into a fashion and lifestyle piece. Pharell Williams, Pucci, Zaha Hadid and TOPSHOP are some of the prominent artists, designers and brands to design modified adidas Superstars while keeping its original key characteristics.

adidas Supershell
adidas Supershell

Recently, the German company celebrated Superstar’s 45th anniversary. Known as one of their oldest models, the brand also used a revolutionary combination of traditional material and high technology manufacturing process to create the special edition Futurecraft Leather Superstar. This innovation resulted from the collaboration between
industrial designer Alexander Taylor and shoe designer Joachim de Callatay.

The manufacturing process allows the upper part of the shoe to be created with a stitch-less sheet of leather which potentially allows greater precision and comfort for each foot as it no longer relies on stitching. “The automatic digital leather grinding allows us to push our expertise in bringing shape and new function into this iconic product,” said Paul Gaudio, creative director of adidas. adidas sets the standard again with these high performance shoes, delivering a five-star experience and a “superstar” look to anyone who wears the three-stripes Superstar.

Adidas Superstar 80’s city series

Adidas Superstar 80’s city series

adidas Superstar 80’s city series
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