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Rumah Mode’s Everlasting Transformation  

Multi-use buildings or complexes stemmed from the changing needs and tastes of a 21st-century city. In metropolitan cities such as Jakarta and Bandung, heavy traffic is a common occurrence. This creates a new demand for multipurpose establishments where people can find whatever they need while on the road. As one of the leading fashion outlets in Bandung, Rumah Mode has continued to build towards a multi-use complex since 1998. Now, Rumah Mode is a great example of an all-accommodating venue in Bandung.

Photo by Bagus Trilaksono


Located at Jalan Setiabudi no. 41 in Bandung, Rumah Mode originally started with just one house that was built during the Dutch colony.In 1992, the house was used by a garment company called Texa, which also sold their leftover products there. During this period, Bandung in started to develop a market of visitors who visited the city to find fashion products at outlet prices. Thus, Hie Min Tjhin, owner of Texa, decided to move the company elsewhere and use the house as a fashion outlet.

Together with two renowned architects, thelate Yuwono, and Antony M from ANT design firm, Hie Min Tjhin transformed the Dutch colonial house from an office into a retail space.They maintained the great art deco architecture of the house, as well as the tropical design approach that includes having plenty of windows for natural light and easy air circulation.


The transformation of Rumah Mode went by slowly. Every chance Hie Min Tjhin could acquire a piece of the surrounding land, a part of the transformation was started. They first added a Joglo house on the right side of the existing edifice to create a semi alfresco area (it has since been expanded), followed by a new two-storey pavilion that now houses the food court and spa.A different colour scheme of blue and green is in use, paired with vintage-style tiles from Tegel Kunci. A sense of cohesion with the Dutch Colonial style is achieved in the house and the pavilion as well. Rumah Mode will be adding another retail space building, an ATM area, and a bigger parking space.

Yuwono, who was known for his landscaping work at Padma Hotel Bandung, Bali Mandiran Hotel, including the residence of Sofyan Wanandi and Giok Hartono; created Rumah Mode’s landscape concept with inspiration fromBalinese tropical gardens. A number of serene fountains with a beautiful sculpture as the centrepiece are seen in a few areas, while the house itself is surrounded by a circulating pond for a cool ambiance.


Part of Rumah Mode’s uniqueness comes from its interior design. Aside from incorporating artworks, we can also find many well-designed furniture pieces in various styles, ranging from traditional Javanese, classic Dutch-Betawi, modern, even to Chinoiserie style. The eclecticism in the interior is refreshing and gives soul to the entire complex. Look down and you will see the colours of the beautiful batik motif ceramic floor designed by the famous ceramicist F. Widayanto. From afar, it almost looks like a batik carpet. Sections of different interior design styles inside the retail space, from modern to oriental, is a departure from the monotonous feeling of a regular outlet.

Like fashion trends, Rumah Mode is constantly growing and quickly evolving. Its transformation continues to follow the needs of its customers as well as the current trend. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind multi-use complex.




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