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Chef and restaurateur Victor Laksmono has brought a mom-and-pop coffee shop concept to the city of Surabaya. At Tootoomoo, the concept takes foodies on an adventure of flavours, from light bites to heavy meals.

Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono

Taking a break to enjoy coffee and tea after a long day at work helps us to relax. At Tootoomoo, the menu lists a variety of afternoon treats to suit everyone’s taste, ranging from pastries and cakes to tarts and breads, including charcoal whole grain sunflower seeds that are not available elsewhere.

From the patisserie menu, we sampled a durian mousse cake that paired well with an avocado chocolate ice. Meanwhile the “Sunshine” mouth-watering lemon-zest pie can be deliciously accompanied by a hot or an iced beverage. The three items are just a few of the chef’s recommendations.


With over a decade of culinary prowess under his belt, Chef Victor Laksmono created a menu full of signature items that make for a tempting dining experience. Victor gained skill working at various bakeries and patisseries in different parts of the world, including California, where he grew up, as well as a stint in Seoul, South Korea.
Tootoomoo opened its doors in 2014 before moving to its current site, on Jl. Untung Suropati No. 63, to expand the business. “We wanted to apply a mom-and-pop pastry shop concept with a more varied menu. We are still focused on our patisserie menu, but at the same time we wanted to create the comfort of a family-oriented dining atmosphere,” Victor said.

Tootoomoo is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday and offers varied items such as burgers, rice platters, pastas and desserts.The restaurant is designed with simple yet modern decorations that foster a homey and family-oriented ambience. The choice of bright colours also creates a more spacious feel. Tootoomoo is an ideal hangout for youngsters, couples with kids, families and even business people.


Seating around 60, the restaurant also features a private room suitable for a small gathering. There’s also an outdoor area that can accommodate up to 30 diners. If you have experienced living in the US, you might crave some of the food that Tootoomoo is now serving. Just get the “Gringo Breakfast Burritos” from the “Wake Me Up” menu, home-baked meatballs from the starters menu or the “Meat Lovers Burger”. The food may help you reminisce, but Chef Victor has his own recipes that make his food stand out. His culinary expertise is the engine that has made Tootoomoo a new destination for Surabaya’s dining scene.

Tootoomoo Patisserie
Jl. Untung Suropati No. 63 Surabaya

T +6231 568 8064
M +62815 1115 2018

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