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Goya Ashraf Mahmud: ARTOTEL Sanur’s General Manager


Goya Ashraf Mahmud is a man of few words but the hospitality topic can bring out another side of him. Having spent most of his career as a hotel manager in Bali, Goya knows the island very well. He has been the general manager of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali since the pre-opening period, ensuring that they perform their best for their millennial guests. He shared his highlights of the hotel to Indonesia Design.

Sanur is a more serene area compared to other tourist areas in Bali. What makes you confident in having ARTOTEL here?
This location is somehow related to older people and European. These last few years I have witnessed the increasing influx of young guests to the area. It may be because these millennial travellers (or “hipsters”) are looking for a different experience by visiting the more serene areas like Sanur. However, we believe they are still looking for further unique experiences hence why we offer ARTOTEL with its strong art concept.

I remember ARTOTEL Thamrin – Jakarta held a talent show for recruitment. Did you also do this?
Sure. In gaining our A-Team (that is how we refer to our staff), we believe that when they do what they love, they will produce better result. This is why we continuously do this kind of recruitment and make it more casual than the usual walk-in interviews, because we dare them to make a difference when joining ARTOTEL. We are also gifted that our Indonesian humbleness is already in our blood. With several trainings, we believe our team is ready to perform their best.

What is so unique of this hotel in this location?
The hotel growth in Sanur is not as significant as other locations, thus we will still enjoy its signature laid back lifestyle. Besides the 89 artsy bedrooms and overall hotel ambiance, we have spa facility, infinity swimming pool, ARTSPACE for those young artists and MEETSPACE (a meeting room for up to 100 people), we also have ROCA (Restaurant of Contemporary Art) at the ground level, where hotel and walk-in guests can dine or have casual cocktails at the terrace, an experience people should not miss while in Sanur. Soon we will also have BART (Bar at the Rooftop) and a beach club. These make us stand out and remarkable. So come and stay here when you attend any Sanur festivals (there are many of them) or simply when you are looking for a good time!

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