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Karl Benz invented the first gasoline-powered car in 1886, and the iconic Mercedes-Benz brand first appeared some years later in 1926 and has been one of the best recognized automotive brands in the world ever since. The brand is known for buses, coaches, trucks and, of course, luxury cars. Within their luxury car series, there is a particular model that has caught people’s imagination around the globe – the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Devotees of the brand believe that the ‘S’ stands for “special” or “superior”, judging by its looks and the experience on the road as either a passenger or a driver.

The history of The Mercedes-Benz S Series dates back to 1951, twenty years after the first release of the E-Series.

Officially introduced as the W 180 in 1954, the first S-Class was then labeled as W116 S-Class in early 1970’s. “Since then, it has been the top model for Mercedes-Benz – surely with the best and most updated technology Mercedes-Benz ever invented, “ said Carsten Bauer, Deputy Director of  Sales Planning and Product Management of Mercedes-Benz Indonesia.

Karl Benz had partners, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach who also worked on their own engines. The brands
are now combined under the Daimler AG umbrella. Mercedes-Benz, for example, incorporated the Maybach brand into their most advanced S-Class series: Mercedes-Maybach S 500 – creating a sub-brand which is used for ultra-luxury versions of Mercedes-Benz cars.

Photo By Daimler AG Doc.
Photo By Daimler AG Doc.

As the top of the range, Mercedes-Maybach cars offer the finest riding experience. The design has an extended
wheelbase comparing to other S series, giving a more spacious cabin. Passengers on the rear seats are able to enjoy the space even more as the seat is fixed behind the C-pillar while also being away from the side windows.
This position also creates an enhanced acoustic. Besides the standard extended leg support, the rear seat even features a Hot Stone Massage. During daylight, passengers can even change the ambiance of the Mercedes-Maybach S 500 with a Magic Sky Control sliding sunroof with just a touch of the button.

Other special features include Maybach logos embroidered on the upholstery and embossed on the C pillars. There is an Air Balance Package for filtering the air inside the cabin and an exclusive premium Agarwood fragrance found in the interiors, complemented with handcrafted silver-plated champagne flutes by Robbe&Berking to create an even more luxurious experience on board.

It’s no surprise that the world’s best selling luxury car series is also the world’s quietest car inside.
Riding an S feels like going into a place as safe as a vault – except it has exceptional comfort and luxurious features. Although the S-Class apparently does not stand for “Special Class”, Mercedes-Benz has committed to treat their passengers in a special manner, and deliver comfort and safety inside these ‘vaults’. Truly, this legendary automobile is consistent with their slogan, “The Best or Nothing”.

Photo By Daimler AG Doc.
Photo By Daimler AG Doc.
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