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A Journey of 15 Years

A look back at our 15-year journey at Indonesia Design magazine, with highlights from each edition and an explanation why we chose the themes we published.



  1. Home & Living

We rolled in to 2018 with joy and new edition themed “Home & Living”. We had had this theme a few times before, but it seems never enough to present them since there are too many beautiful homes out there. This edition featured residences in several cities of Indonesia including Bandung, Surabaya, Jakarta and Denpasar. Paul Smith and Viveka Kumari’s apartment was a gallery of their life journey, adorned with furniture from Arbor & Troy. Another residence took its inspiration from a Sanskrit word ‘sujiva’, meaning ‘comfortable life’. The design embraces the Balinese communal space concept but manages to foster a sense of privacy. Not to be missed, Bumi Sampireun restaurant with its homely and natural ambiance, cleverly designed by Piter Gan Architect.


  1. Working Spaces

Offices nowadays come in various designs. Some are adorned with tasteful artworks like Citi Indonesia and Tusk Advisory, some are as one with nature elements like Genius Loci, and some are rich with futuristic and playful elements like Geyer’s office. In this edition, we also invited our readers to have a look at Indonesia Design’s very own office, where the editorial magic happens. Furthermore, we shared with you the times we were abroad for work – covering Samsung’s latest innovation in Rome, attending the inspiring Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt, and participating in the Austrian Leadership Programs (ALPS) in Vienna. Back in Indonesia, we reported about Bekraf’s participation in the Indonesian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018.


  1. Defining Luxury

Luxury comes in many forms and standards. But there is one common criterion that defines it, which is rarity. The more difficult to get, the rarer a product or a service is, the more luxurious it is in the eyes of many. So, aside to featuring things that are considered luxurious in a general sense, we also brought to you stories on rare ‘gems’ such as Fuya, a 4,000 year-old technique of making a bark tree dress in Central Sulawesi, and Riedel, a 250-century Austria-based old glassware maker. Our specially printed cover was designed by Rinaldy A. Yunardi, a self-taught Indonesian designer who has marked his name internationally. As always, we also shared with you amazing architecture of hotels and residences – this time from Indonesia and a few other Southeast Asian countries.


  1. New Hotels

Leisure travel used to exclusive to the rich but it is now something most of us take for granted. With the increasing number of people travelling, the types of accommodation available have become much more varied. Recently, hotels have been racing to present Robinson Crusoe-like experiences, without forfeiting the modern-day comforts. Travellers can find rooms tucked away in a jungle, floating on water, or perched on dramatic hills but still enjoy the most luxurious facilities. Examples that we highlighted in this edition were Bawah Reserve in Anambas Islands, Capella Ubud, Bali and Nihi Sumba. We saw Avalon Waterways offering luxury river cruises that explored the surrounding environment. And for those who just wanted to relax near the sea, we also featured hotels like Golden Tulip Holland Resort in Batu and Cassia Bintan by Banyan Tree.


  1. Trends in Design

Trends may come and go, but good design will often outlast fickle changes in taste. For this edition, we interviewed several design experts in Indonesia to get their insights into current trends. And we covered as much design ground as possible – from architecture to fashion, from interiors to graphic design. Going ‘green’ is a major recurring theme that we’ve observed in design in general, as seen in the Hotel Santika Premier Bandara Palembang. Combining traditional and handcrafted elements with modern design is also what’s ‘in’ nowadays, such as the products of Noesa and Ong Cen Kuang. Besides the main theme, we brought to you stories from our travels to Budapest and major cities in Poland and our thoughts on the architecture we saw there.

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