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A Journey of 15 Years

A look back at our 15-year journey at Indonesia Design magazine, with highlights from each edition and an explanation why we chose the themes we published.



  1. Home & Living

In 2016, we opened the year with an inspiring “Home & Living” edition. We featured a diverse range of houses. The one built by Suwito Hadi was dedicated to a twin and had a symmetrical floor plan. We showed a house in Surabaya that was designed with a personalised pattern by Budhi Harmunanto, a very modern house by Paulus Setyabudio and another contemporary house in the same city by Dasquadrat. There was a classic house in Menteng, Jakarta by Erwin Hawawinata and Aji Warpani and a shabby house by Rina Renville. Another house we showed in Jakarta was an excellent example of tropical design by Hidajat Endramukti. Then there was the artsy home by Eko Prawoto for the artist couple, Indieguerillas. From Bali, we showed a private holiday villa by Ketut Arthana.


  1. Defining Luxury

In this March-April 2016 edition, we returned to “Defining Luxury” once again – a theme that has become one of our regular editions every year. This time, various aspects of luxury were explored – appealing to all the senses such as sight, touch and taste. We looked at outstanding luxury hotels and villas including Alila Solo by Budiman Hendropurnomo of DCM, Padma Resort Ubud by Miles Humphreys, W Villa in Pandaan, East Java by Sonny and Aditya Njonoriswondo, Iwan Tirta’s Private Collection flagship store at Grand Hyatt Jakarta, the new AIA office, the art of fine dining at VUE46 and the world’s most exclusive grand piano from The Grand Piano. We also treated our female readers to some very fine examples of glamorous jewellery.


  1. Product Designs

Talent and creativity often combine to create powerful ideas. And sometimes these extraordinary thoughts are translated into tangible things which exemplify the very best in terms of design and function. With that in mind, we at Indonesia Design magazine proudly compiled this “Product Designs” edition. We brought together different perspectives and experiences through an extensive range of products – Anja, Lampu-lampu, Meja-meja and Djalin furniture, Sabbatha handbags, Lima watches, Shopatvelvet clothing, Nine Square by Homewarehome, Arkcraft and Uma/Artesdecorations as well as Myrun wellness tools, Expose concrete tiles and Marquetry Painting by Madero International. Today, all of these brands have firmly established themselves in the market place and have continued to evolve their signature styles.


  1. Apartments

People are always on the lookout for somewhere better, or bigger, or maybe just different, to live. Even slumps in the economy don’t seem to deter developers from finishing construction of their properties, whether it’s a housing compound, an apartment block or even a commercial development. Taking its lead from the growing popularity of apartment living in the country, iD jumped on the bandwagon by devoting a whole issue to “Apartments”. We took an in-depth look at six state-of-the-art city apartments and looked at the wow-factors that gave them their their unique selling points.


  1. New Hotels

As a design and lifestyle magazine, Indonesia Design fully supports the development of the hospitality industry in Indonesia with all the uniqueness the industry has to offer. In this edition, we presented a lineup of hotels and resorts from Jakarta, Malang, to Bali, along with their design characteristics and other interesting details. These included Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Udhiana Resort Ubud, ARTOTEL Sanur, Alila Seminyak Penthouse, The Samata Sanur, Scala Bed and Beyond and The Westin Jakarta. In addition, there were several pieces on hospitality facilities that have been renewed or even reopened to capitalise on the current opportunities and demands, such as The Shalimar in Malang and The Royal Surakarta Heritage, Solo – MGallery by Sofitel.

iD-Trowback-Ed-77-Cover A 2016


  1. Surabaya

When we started back in 2004, we had had our first head office in Surabaya. Later we had regional edition annually since 2014. “Surabaya” came to mind and we made it come true in 2016. We talked about all lifestyle and design related things that were happening in the city – from the art galleries, museums, hotels, salons, fine dining restaurants, properties, product designs, designers to the design communities. We were also privileged to have Tri Rismaharini, the then-mayor of this capital city of East Java to give her insights. With a total of 270 pages, this edition is thus far the thickest one, and we had two version of front covers featuring works by LK Bing (Soekandi) and Sudarman Angir.

iD-Trowback-Ed Anniv 13 2016

13th Anniversary Edition

Earlier in this decade, we witnessed a lot of appreciations to heritage. Some architectural works are brought back to life with preservation and adaptive reuse. Some products regained attention to the trend of handmade quality. In this “Rethinking Heritage” edition, we highlighted some of them. The features presented in this edition included Iwan Tirta Private Collection, Permata Ayung Private Estate, House of Sampoerna (which was built in 1893), Franz Collection porcelain, Grha Wismilak, House of Lay in Pangkal Pinang, Jakarta Cathedral, Pranoto Mongso Chairs by Levendig, Rinjani House, Registry Curated Fine Collection, Olveh Jakarta, Bank Indonesia Museum, Gajah Duduk and National Gallery Singapore. We talked to heritage activists: Atilah Soeryadjaya, Rahung Nasution and Martono Yuwono. Gracing the cover was Pelataran Ramayana, a function hall at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski which was very popular in the era of Soekarno, and it was just renovated upan this edtion


2016 Collection Edition: House Styles

For our 2016 collection edition, we were back with a theme that revolved around house design; this time it was “House Styles”. We compiled more than 20 houses with distinct styles, each reflecting their own interpretation of good taste, where comfort still remained the primary goal. The houses featured here were designed by Hidajat Endramukti, Cosmas Gozali, Erwin Hawawinata and Aditya Njonoriswondo among others. Staying with the theme of living spaces, we also presented Residence 8 and Fraser Residence Menteng Penthouse. And we also had a special report on the Bedrock Hotel Bali – which was also the subject of our cover photo – because the edition was published during the summer holidays.




  1. Home & Living

In our previous “Home & Living” editions, we featured mostly landed houses. But for this edition, one of our main highlights was The Rosebay, a low-rise residence at Graha Famili in Surabaya. Seeing that more people in big cities of Indonesia are more receptive to the idea of living in an apartment, we thought this could be a good reference to our readers. Moreover, it was built within a vast green environment, giving an equally homely feel to a landed house. Nevertheless, we still featured landed houses, such as an exquisite home in Surabaya that we called the Sommerset House, designed by Dasquadrat. Another one was the leisured retreat in the highlands near Malang, designed by dpavilion architects. We also introduced a regular column called Retronesia, which discussed retro architecture in Indonesia, penned by Tariq Khalil.


  1. Diplomacy & Design

We proudly bear the name Indonesia on our magazine. But it does not mean that we don’t pay attention to and appreciate designs by other countries. We wanted to find a local angle as we told the tale of overseas design for this edition. Fortunately, a host of ambassador friends in Jakarta were willing to give us a tour in their residences, which boasted a small sample of exquisite design from their homelands. We could not present all the ambassadors in Jakarta, so we kicked off the theme with the residences of the ambassadors of Sweden, The Netherlands, Argentina, The United Kingdom, Mexico, Belgium and Hungary. As for the special report from a local destination, we gave our readers a look at one of the world’s best hideaway resorts: Nihi Sumba (then Nihiwatu).


  1. Working Spaces

The world spins and nothing ever stays unchanged. The same goes with offices and the way we work. We spend more and more of our time working, less and less time actually staying inside traditional offices. Office design in general is less formal than it used to be, putting more emphasis on the people’s comfort in order to maximise productivity. It can also convey whatever statement the company wants others to know. The new Australian Embassy building in Jakarta was amazingly designed by Denton Corker Marshall, drawing inspiration from the iconic rock faces of Uluru-Kata Tjuta in Australia. The design of the British Council’s office in South Jakarta is not just contemporary and ergonomic, it embodies the organisation’s ethos of democracy, inclusivity and diversity. More offices were featured here, as well as a provider of office furniture, Working by VIVERE.


  1. Bandung

We think it’s true to say that Bandung is a byword for design and creativity. The city has given birth to many leading artists and designers – from graphic and fashion design, to fine arts and architecture. So it’s only natural that we dedicated one full edition to celebrate the city for its boundless creativity. We started with having flip covers. One cover showed a painting titled “Palung Kota”, by the living legend Sunaryo, which spoke about the uncontrollable urbanisation of a city and the inadequate response from local government, or how laws are flexible for certain parties. The other cover was from a younger generation, Nusae, a graphic design studio, which uses traditional Sundanese script. The main features in this edition were Moxy Hotel by Marriott Hotels, Rumah Mode and interviews with then mayor Ridwan Kamil and renowned artists Nyoman Nuarta and AD Pirous.


  1. Defining Luxury

Different people have different definitions of the word ‘luxury’. For some, luxury is having a ‘me time’ or as simple as sleeping in on a weekday. But a lot of people use it to refer to the privilege of indulging in the enjoyment of great comfort and pleasure that are additional to the necessary. In this edition, we presented some of the finer things in life to highlight some of the facets of luxury – from opulent houses such as FS Residence and Batik Dempo House to indulging in hotels like Rumah Luwih in Bali and Intercontinental Dago Pakar, to sipping TWG Tea’s beverage brewed from gold-plated tea leaves. In addition, we compiled a list of Bali’s finest resorts, consisting of Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bulgari Resort Bali and a few more. Because we love sharing design inspirations, we also brought you a summary of Maison&Objet held in Paris, September 2017.

iD-Trowback-Ed Anniv 14 2017

14th Anniversary Edition

Exactly last year, we published our 14th Anniversary edition. Here we featured Indonesian remarkable personalities and works from different disciplines; such as Ir. Ciputra, Cosmas Batubara, Hendro Gondokusumo, Jasin Tedjasukmana, Toyo Ito, Citibank Indonesia, Galleria andLayan Residence. In the Design Overseas section we had Zaha Hadid’s cinegenic masterpiece known as Heydar Aliyev Center. We covered leisure retreats from Sequoia yacht and Hidden Hills Villa. We commissioned Sinta Tantra to do our front cover. The artwork then turned into 3D to be the trophy of 2017 Indonesia Design Awards, which nominations can also be found in this edition.

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