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A Journey of 15 Years

A look back at our 15-year journey at Indonesia Design magazine, with highlights from each edition and an explanation why we chose the themes we published.



  1. Next Generation Designs

The evolution of design is heavily influenced by young people, hence we looked at “Next Generation Designs” to consider new horizons in early 2014. We featured the bamboo construction of Sharma Springs designed by Elora Hardy, The BnB Hotel by Sonny Sutanto, Turkuaz Restaurant by Nada Lahlou, MSC School by Samuel A. Budiono, Wilshire Restaurant by Leo Einstein and Su Yenni, The Box Tower by Budiman Hendropurnomo of DCM and 5asec Laundry by Uke Setiawan of Garisprada. In this edition, we interviewed Joshua Simandjuntak about his brand Karsa and his role as chairman of the Furniture Designers Associations/HDMI. Recognising that our magazine was read by an English-speaking audience – from professionals, diplomatic board members to design students – we started to publish fully in English from this edition.


  1. New Hotels

As a lifestyle design magazine, we explore how people savour the current moment. “New Hotels” is one of the themes that we feature annually, so we can see the development and the trend shift in the world of hospitality design. Welcoming summer of 2014, we covered Alaya Resort Ubud, Hotel Tentrem, Rimba at Ayana Resort Jimbaran, ARTOTEL Jakarta, Holiday Inn Express Semarang Simpang Lima, The Crystal on The Bay and Holland Park Condotel in Batu, East Java. The cover of this edition was Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort. The picture was taken when the compound was still in the construction process, but half of it was ready to welcome the international delegates of the 2014 Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. This property was fully completed in the last quarter of 2014 and now known as one of the most sought-after five-star hotels in Bali.


  1. Fine Luxury

iD publishes a Luxury edition each year – usually themed “Defining Luxury” – to encourage our readers to reconsider and redefine their concepts of luxury. In 2014, we decided to focus our spotlight on “Fine Luxury”. On the cover, we had the image of a diamond showing the range of features inside on each facet. The main articles covered five-star facilities such as Garuda Indonesia’s First Class Lounge, Ebeya Steak House and Regent Bali Beachfront Pool Villa; lavish property developments such as Gaharu House, Ciputra World Jakarta and Le Parc; and top of the range brands such as Preciosa, Rimowa, and BMW.


  1. Made in Bali

Bali is a huge bowl of inspiration. Many of its elements, the culture, the scenic views, and the mystical practices to name a few, have been a source of insights and the land of dreams for artists, designers and developers. It has also held a reputation as one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations. With this edition devoted to Bali, we shared a glimpse of the island’s amazing faces; from the architecture to interior to fashion design, from restaurant to product design. We even featured an artwork by I Nyoman Masriadi on the front cover. Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua, Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness, Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace are amoung the numerous articles we presented about Bali. The cover of this edition was contributed by I Nyoman Masriadi.


  1. Fashion in Design

There is a first time for everything. In our 11th year of publication, we decided to dedicate much of this edition to the fashion theme. While many fashion designers have ventured far beyond the runway, many architects and interior designers have made their own mark by designing clothing or accessories. To guide us on the subject, we invited Winda Malika Siregar as she was passionate about fashion, knowledgeable and well connected within the fashion industry. Our main features in this edition included Museum Kain in Beachwalk, Bali, Dior Plaza Indonesia and Iwan Tirta Private Collection. We also had four designers to talk about the trend of digital printing in fashion, and up close articles on the creative Tex Saverio and Syagini Ratna Wulan. The front cover was designed by the young and talented visual artist Nady Azhry.


  1. Hi-Tech Designs

In the design world, we have seen hi-tech elements in various places performing various tasks. For example in home design, the application could be as small as an automatic garage door opener in a system we call ‘smart home’. In entertainment, stage design is infused with technological advancements, presenting astonishing light and fountain performances. In this “Hi-Tech Designs” edition, we highlighted a few offices and buildings that strongly incorporated hi-tech elements into the interior and exterior design, namely Google Indonesia, Net TV and MD Place. While we were on the subject, we announced our newly revamped website, designed by our then art director, Canny Ciomas Sutanto.

iD-Trowback-Ed Anniv 11 2014

11th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating our 11th anniversary of publication, we selected “Iconic Designs” from home and abroad. Each article was curated to represent its category – even the ones that are used as the metonymy of its category, such as Iwan Tirta Private Collection, Jamu Sido Muncul and the ring of The Lord of the Rings. In the New Icons, we had Bank Indonesia Solo (designed by Han Awal), The Dharmawangsa Penthouse Lounge and Jalan Tol Bali Mandara. Future icons in this edition included Praxis and Puri 11. We picked iconic historical buildings in Indonesia, iconic monuments in Indonesia and iconic landmarks in Jakarta for essays. We also talked to iconic designers and artists, such as Fumihiko Maki, Jaya Ibrahim, HBA, Davy Sukamta, Nyoman Nuarta and Dolorosa Sinaga. The cover of this edition was commissioned to Nady Azhry.


2014 Collection Edition: Restaurants

In the world of restaurant design, it’s not just a matter of what you eat – even more important is where you eat. Your dining experience is not merely about how delicious the food is, it’s also about enjoying the atmosphere created by the architecture and interior design of the restaurant. This collection edition featured 22 restaurants with unique interiors and culinary experiences. Amuz, Talaga Sampireun, Dapur Babah Elite, Hummingbird Eatery & Guesthouse, Sip Wine Bar and 6 Degrees are just a few of the restaurants we featured. The restaurants were located in several cities in Indonesia. Most are still going strong in their original format while a few have gone through some changes to keep up with the competition.




  1. Home & Living

Welcoming the year 2015, many of our readers probably just came home from a long holiday. That is why we chose the “Home & Living” theme, something they had left for a while and might give them that warm feeling to be in again. Gracing our cover was a modern home illustrated by the rising artist Muhammad Taufiq (Emte). The content of this edition presented many types of inspiring home design. A residence in North Bandung was designed by Suwito Hadi in a classical style with modern touch and strong art deco flair. Erwin Hawawinata combined tropical and colonial flair to create a luxury design for a house in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Meanwhile in Canggu, Bali, we peaked into a Javanese joglo-inspired house that used a lot of wood. In addition, we featured a few houses overseas and tips for decorating a house.


  1. Defining Luxury

Luxury presents a different standard to all of us and it changes from time to time, along with the development of available technology, to support our privileges. In architecture and design, certainly location, space and furnishings determine how luxurious a project is. To some people, having the right things to create comfort is also a luxury, may it be at home, in a restaurant or even in a shopping place. This edition covered various kinds of design projects, from a residential place to an office space. A house in South Jakarta didn’t only have luxurious furniture, but also so many artefacts from all over Asia. We took a peak at Ogilvy & Mather Indonesia’s office, or should we say a ‘home and a playground’ – to give you an idea of what kind of luxury the staff there have. And these were just to name a few of the highlights.


  1. Product Designs & Local Talents

We are surrounded by products; from the chair we are sitting on to the traffic lights that we always wait to turn green. We might not think about it, but all these products have been through a design process. For this edition, we collaborated with Joshua Simandjuntak as the guest editor, who helped us find budding local talents in various design professions. Matoa watches, Kandura Studio ceramics, Suki Wooden Sunglasses and Lungsin clutch bags were among the Indonesian products that we featured. The designers shared with us how they got the inspiration, their design processes and the various challenges they had to overcome. Other designers we featured included Widayanto, who talked about his journey in the art world, and Merdi Sihombing who talked about the inspiration for his works which are derived from Indonesian traditional cloths.


  1. Exploring Designs

This edition explored the variety of designs – in buildings and their interiors. We covered the PS26 Office in Jakarta, which was designed by Rudy Kelana of Wahana Architects, who played with the idea of box shapes. We showed an opulent, classical house in Medan which had been carefully laid out by first considering the feng shui. A mix of modern and oriental styles were found in a house only 35 minutes away from Surabaya Juanda International Airport. Meanwhile the Rumah Regina and Rumah Imelda articles shared some tips about optimising space when designing a house with a rather limited footprint. In line with the main theme, we experimented with a different kind of cover design for this edition. Graphic designer Canny Ciomas Sutanto put together some photos of architecture, products and interior designs with a digital illustration to make an interesting collage.


  1. Yogyakarta

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta or District of Yogyakarta is known for its strong roots in traditional culture, yet it’s a city abuzz with modern creative energy. Yogyakarta is home to thousands of artists drawn from all corners of Indonesia as well as overseas, and to the country’s largest art universities. In this edition we featured many examples of creative design and crafts made in Yogyakarta, from the traditional to the modern, such as the art of making keris, batik, wooden and rattan chairs inspired by Javanese furniture and many more. Equally interesting was our coverage of The Phoenix Hotel that transports guests to a bygone era with its Dutch colonial architecture. And although Borobudur is located in Magelang, it is often associated with Yogyakarta. Hence we also featured Villa Borobudur, a homely accommodation at the foot of Manoreh Mountain. The cover of this edition was contributed by Indiguerillas.


  1. 15 New Hotels

It seemed that new hotels kept popping up in major tourist destinations in Indonesia. We picked 15 of them to be covered in this edition, each with its own style and uniqueness. These hotels are located in Jakarta, Bali, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya and Bintan. Gracing the cover was Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve. It is a ritzy resort in Ubud, built in a way that it preserves nature with Ayung River, the longest river in Bali, runs through it. Only 45-minute boat ride from Singapore, The Sanchaya Bintan offers a paradise-like resort experience. The post design predominantly in white and is combined with the serene natural part of Bintan Island. Aside from the tour through the hotels in Indonesia, we also took our readers around Vienna – from the St. Stephen cathedral to Schonbrunn Palace and 25 Hours hotel.

iD-Trowback-Ed Anniv 12 2015

12th Anniversary Edition

The number 12 is relevant to the total number of months and the wholeness of a year. Having thinking of this, we came up with the idea of launching the edition themed “Timeless Design”. We got help from 90 architects, interior, landscape, product designers, artists and structural engineers to define timeless design with examples. We selected many kinds of brands and their timeless designs; among others were King Koil beds, Iwan Tirta Private Collection batik, Arbor & Troy furniture, the Eastern & Orient Express, Tuscany marble, BYO Living weaving, Biefbi kitchen, Bagteria bags, Kohler sanitary, TWG tea, Hallning ergonomic furniture, Vivere products, Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, Innovation furniture, Mercedes-Benz, Smeg fridge, Zippo lighter and Adidas.


2015 Collection Edition: Indonesian Hospitality Rapid growth in the Indonesian tourism sector combined with favourable investment regulations had a galvanizing effect on the hospitality industry. As well as foreign visitors, the number of local travellers had also increased tremendously over the preceding decade. This had encouraged entrepreneurs from various industry backgrounds to expand their business interests into owning hotels. Consequently, the hotel management sector also flourished. Flip through the pages of our “Indonesian Hospitality” edition and you will read about the Indonesian hospitality companies who had made such a big impact on the hospitality scene. Their creative approach to hotel design will also inspire you – hotels such as Tugu Hotels, Mesa Hotels & Resorts and Avilla Hospitality.

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