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A Journey of 15 Years

A look back at our 15-year journey at Indonesia Design magazine, with highlights from each edition and an explanation why we chose the themes we published.



48. Indonesian Architects’ Overseas Projects

We are proud that our architects have spread their wings, not only to compete in domestic projects, but further abroad. Thus in this edition, we gave updates to our readers about “Indonesian Architects’ Overseas Projects”. In Thailand, we covered Phuket Office Park by Ridwan Kamil of Urbane. Pandega Desain Weharima designed Oman’s Ministry of Defence Pension Fund Building in Muscat. Budi Pradono Architects had completed the design for Flora Building that would give a new look to the concrete jungle of Taipei. Jusuf Setiadi and Ardi Jahja of Airmas Asri designed The Link Executive Apartment in Hanoi, Vietnam, which was a development by Ciputra. Piter Gan Architect designed Wilmar Apartment in Accra, Ghana.


49. Defining Luxury

Having featured many high-end projects, we decided to publish our first “Defining Luxury” edition. With this theme, we challenged our readers to redefine the term luxury and gave updates on recent trends. As a starting point we featured the luxurious office of Esa Sampoerna Centre, a lavish home with golf course in its back yard in Surabaya, an eclectic Four Seasons apartment in Jakarta, an ethnic-inspired house in Surabaya by Hidajat Endramukti, a classic residence by Erwin Hawawinata & Aji Warpani in Surabaya and Cassis Restaurant. We showed The Papilion Kemang on the cover, which set a new standard for boutique lifestyle centres in Indonesia, with contemporary design by d-associates and glamorous interior settings by the famous Anouska Hempel. In subsequent years we would return to this theme.


50. Indonesian Hospitality & Upcoming Hotels

The steady rise of tourism in Indonesia has been matched by rapid growth in the hospitality sector. In this edition, we highlighted “Indonesian Hospitality & Upcoming Hotels”. The projects featured included Worldhotel Balangan, Grand Aston Yogyakarta and The 1O1 Dharmawangsa. We also covered Kayumanis Nanjing Private Villa & Spa in China, which was designed by Indonesian architect Tan Tik Lam, interior designer Hidajat Endramukti and Bali-based landscape designer Karl Princic. We interviewed the late maestro of Indonesian interior design, Jaya Ibrahim, who had gained fame from doing hospitality designs for international operators such as Aman Resorts.


51. Contemporary Designs

In “Contemporary Designs” we interviewed representatives of the biggest art auction house in Indonesia about the latest trends in contemporary art; Amalia Wirjono of Christie’s Indonesia and Deborah Iskandar who was representing Sotheby’s Indonesia. We had Leonard Theosabrata from Accupunto to talk about product design, as well as Eames Demetrios, the grandson of the famous Charles and Ray Eames. We showed an interior shot of Sinar Mas Land Plaza in BSD City on our cover to represent contemporary development in Indonesia. It was taken not long after they moved their headquarter into this building, and it’s still looking good today.


52. Eclectic

In the dictionary, “Eclectic” is defined as choosing the best or most liked from a variety of sources or styles. In the world of design and architecture, we can see an increasing number of houses, hotels, restaurants and offices with eclectic designs. In this edition we showed a broad range of examples including Hidajat Endramukti’s house in Surabaya, a house in Bandung and a temple in Bali. We covered Tugu Group’s properties in Malang, Blitar, Lombok and Bali as well as four restaurants in Jakarta which were brimming with references to design trends from yesteryear. Not to be missed was LIO Gallery, Bistro, Bar & Lounge that graced our cover.


53. Restaurant and Lounges

Having a lively conversation over lunch or dinner in a favourite restaurant, café or lounge is an increasingly popular leisure activity in our society today. Even business meetings are often conducted over a fine meal in a trendy restaurant. It’s not surprising then that the restaurant business in Indonesia has flourished with new eating places popping up all the time in major cities. Hence, this edition is dedicated to “Restaurants and Lounges”. Tesate is a restaurant chain that offers Indonesian menu in a contemporary setting. Majapahit lounge located in The Dharmawangsa hotel, has an interior that was inspired by the eminence and grandeur of the Majapahit Kingdom. The lounge interior, and in fact the whole hotel, was designed by the legendary Jaya Ibrahim. Inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel, we featured the Japanese Sumire restaurant – designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates – which has a warm, relaxing atmosphere thanks to the soft tones of traditional teak wood.

iD-Trowback-Ed Anniv 9 2012

9th Anniversary Edition

In our ninth anniversary edition, we presented exclusive articles covering new designs, properties, products and innovations. There were the Raffles Residences, Talavera Suites, Desa Kerasan, ARTOTEL Surabaya, The Keraton at The Plaza, Amankila, Amanjiwo, AYANA Residences, Aston International Hotels, Resort & Residences (now Atria Gading Serpong) and SKYE. Some of them were still on paper or recently opened when we featured them. Now they are still in their optimum function and look. In the Heritage section we had Lawang Sewu, a historical building in Semarang. We also talked to I Nyoman Masriadi, the highest paid living artist in Indonesia at that moment. From abroad, we have reportages of Doha Sport City Tower, Qatar and Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.


2012 Collection Edition: Contemporary Houses

Entering our ninth year of publication, there was already a long list of amazing houses that we had presented to you in our regular editions. These houses had been designed in various styles – classical, minimalist, tropical, contemporary and others. Judging by the response from our readers, it seemed that the stories of beautiful and award-winning house designs were among the favourites. So, we decided to bring together a collection of the most popular house designs in one special edition. Even though these houses had been featured before, we presented new photos and updated information about the houses, presented in a different style and layout.




55. 2013 Design Trends

Starting the year 2013, we commemorated our 10th year in publication. We brought you our predictions for trends in design and architecture, backed by professional insights from experts in their respective fields. They included the trends for hotels, resorts, mixed-use developments and more. We also had exclusive coverage of the 2012 HDII (Indonesia Interior Design Association) Awards in the categories of Residence, Retail, Hospitality, Health Care and Institutional, and Favourite. The projects that we featured included Favour@Central at Central Park, Artotel Surabaya and Fisik Beyond Sport in Bandung. In addition, we featured Kampong Wae Rebo in Flores – known for its unique architecture, and the recipient of a Unesco award for conservation. With great designs covered in this edition, we hoped for a great year ahead of us.


55. New Hotels

Travelling is a big part of many people’s lives – for business, leisure or maybe for a family gathering. And finding the right place to sleep can make or break the trip. In this edition, we highlighted a few hotels as a sample guide for our readers who found themselves away from home. To narrow the field, we picked hotels which had been completed no earlier than two years before the edition was published. Amongst them were The Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung, Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran, and Morrissey in Jakarta. In addition, we also shared some information on recommended spas in hotels which offered a natural ambiance for maximum relaxation. On traditional architecture, we presented the Banjar House in South Kalimantan with strong Malay architecture, rich in design and decoration.


56. Defining Luxury

The word “Luxury” evokes a diverse interpretation. Obviously, the definition of luxury will differ from one person to another. Yet, for many people, luxury often comes in the form of the finer things in life; the ultra-expensive products that seem menial or excessive or even incessant but which vast majority could not afford. We presented to you two of most luxurious residences – a Victorian house in Surabaya and a Mediterranean house in Malang. We also brought you the most luxurious Phinisi cruise ship, the Alila Purnama. Not to be missed is the Singapore Airlines’ Suites and Etihad Airways’ Diamond First Class.


57. Tropical Designs

Indonesia is one of many countries in the world that lie on the equator with high humidity levels, direct exposures to sunlight and unpredictable rain showers throughout the year. These natural weather conditions have to be adapted to and provided for the architecture and interior design of human dwellings, hence iD gave examples of “Tropical Designs” – from private residences in Jakarta and Bali, Talaga Sampireun Restaurant in South Tangerang, MesaStila Wellness Retreat & Spa in Magelang, Kendra Gallery Bali, to the Christus Rex Catholic Church in Jakarta. In the Design Overseas section, we have Lakeside Retreat in Michigan that offers tropical ambiance in its lavish spaces. All of these projects are still well maintained and in good condition.


58. Patterns in Designs

In the rise of contemporary design with its plain surfaces, patterns remained in our heart. This is why we published the “Patterns in Design”. In this edition, we discussed about patterns that were taken as initial statement in various design disciplines and those that rocked the design world. Included in the Features were IZE Seminyak, GMT Institute, Cibinong City Mall, Emilio Pucci, Louis Vuitton’s Monogram, John Hardy and D’Omah Yogyakarta by Warwick Purser. As a tribute to our own patterns, we had an essay about batik patterns in hospitality designs, included the ones in Keraton at The Plaza, Regent Bali and The Dharmawangsa. Special for this edition’s cover, we commissioned Kekoa Iskandar for his hand Drawing. Kekoa is an Indonesian fashion student who is pursuing his education at the Parsons School of Design, New York.


59. Designing Small Spaces

It’s true that Indonesia Design has been featuring many lavish spaces, but “Designing Small Spaces” is equally important. In this edition, we collected well-designed small spaces in different contexts. There were Ivy Bistro & Catering by Klaus Woizik and Bogdan Vlase (designed by Azhari Rasuman and Fajar Widharta from WAR Architect), a private residence by Atelier Riri in South Tangerangi, a private residence by Yu Sing in Bandung, Yoppi Krisanto’s city apartment, MaxOne Hotel Jimbaran (designed by Sonny Sutanto), Le Salon by Bono, Cihampelas Walk’s Black Building (designed by Budiman Hendropurnomo of DCM), Raffles Hills Mosque and Num8ereight at Plaza Indonesia.

iD-Trowback-Ed Anniv 10 2013

10th Anniversary Edition

The number 10 is often related to perfection or a symbol of achievement, and yet there is always room for improvement. For us at Indonesia Design, it has been a colourful journey filled with appreciation. As we looked back to the last eventful decade, we remember 10 full years of dedication to offer our best in giving you updates on lifestyle and design. Thus, along with this edition, we held the first Indonesia Design Award. We commissioned Senti Rafi to do our cover. Here we exposed the nominations for the awards under the following categories: Hotel, Housing Estate, Landscape, Office Building, Villa, Apartment Building, Restaurant, Overseas, Furniture and Products. We also in this edition had an exclusive feature of Bank Indonesia, as well as other worth the reading articles such as the just-renovated Ngurah Rai Airport Bali, Rimba Jimbaran Bali, Stela Maris Church Jakarta, Oasis Restaurant Jakarta (now closed), South Quarter by Intiland Development, Tiffany & Co. and Regent Bali.


2013 Collection Edition: Working Spaces

We have often covered offices or working spaces in each issue of Indonesia Design. Office life has impacted most of us as working adults since we spend a great deal of our time there. That is why we decided to present to our readers with a collection of working space designs. All of the featured articles were carefully selected based on their unique designs and the diversity. In this edition, we invited you to take a look at a small 6×6 metre office with environmentally friendly designs, an online web company with a playground themed interior and many more. The offices belonged to many kinds of disciplines, from offices of embassies to architecture consultants, to state-owned enterprises. If you are thinking to build or renovate an office, this collection edition can be a source of inspiration.

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