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The Journey Behind Indonesia Design’s 11th Anniversary

On 5 December 2014 Indonesia Design held our 11th Anniversary Seminar with Fumihiko Maki, Jaya Ibrahim and Deborah Iskandar at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta. This highlighted event was marked on the calendars of all the most prominent and iconic architects and designers in Indonesia today, and it comes as no surprise that the theme for our 11th Anniversary edition was ‘Iconic Designs’.  This anniversary saw the design of our cover and 11th anniversary artwork to be that of nadyazhry who also designed the cover of our fashion in design edition published in september 2014.

Being an artist Nady approached the task to design our ‘Iconic Designs’ themed 11th Anniversary in a deeply personal and thoughtful way:  ”In this edition I tried to dig and find a story about the 11th celebration as a sort of time travel event. It made me start to remember and ask, what was I doing when the magazine already started its path in design? Apparently, this made me nostalgic for the days when I was in college 11 years ago…”

As Nady looked around our capital city Jakarta he saw beautiful buildings and wonderful architecture, and while walking and carrying a pen and sketchbook in hand he started to draw. An activity that is just as much fun today as it use to be in his days as a student. The artwork that resulted is reminisce of a pleasant trip over time as a process of design.
It captures a lot of memories and beautiful things that have already passed through the pages of Indonesia Design during our 11 year journey thus far. This cover story design recalls the many lovely memories and great stories that have become part of the Iconic Designs we celebrate today. Happy birthday, Indonesia Design!

On the day of our seminar participant arrived at The Dharmawangsa, and were welcomed to take pictures in front of Indonesia Design’s Wall of Fame. The foyer of Nusantara Ballroom was fulfilled with displays from product and material companies. The Scandinavian office furniture, Hallning, let the architects tryout their products that include three ergonomic office seats and a modern desk. Door handles displayed by KenariDjaja attracted the designers to personally touch the intricate products with its details in design. The participants were also encouraged to purchase design books from the selection presented by Periplus. GRM Biowood also showcased their innovative wooden panels. The sleek designs of the Samsung Tab were enjoyed by many participants while having snacks and afternoon tea and coffee prepared by The Dharmawangsa Jakarta. Exclusive batik designs of IwanTirta Private Collection was the focal point with selections of clothing and cushions in a colorful display.

Besides the door prizes, meeting, networking and all things expected, the main concern of the day was our seminar. The seminar which was held by Indonesia Design involved one of the most phenomenal names in the world of architecture, Fumihiko Maki. For the record, Maki is a Japanese architect who won the Pritzker Prize in 1993. The principal architect of Maki and Associates often explores the use of new materials and also integrates western and eastern cultures in his works. At the age of 86 years, Maki intentionally took time to come to Indonesia just to attend an invitation from Indonesia Design.

The seminar itself started at 2.30 pm and successfully packed with over 200 participants, this far exceeded our estimates. The first event speaker was Jaya Ibrahim from Jaya Ibrahim Design who also had come from Singapore to enliven our seminar. Ibrahim is one of the leading names in the world of interior design, not only in Indonesia but internationally. In the event named “A Talk with Jaya Ibrahim”, The moderator Henry G. Tjhi asked him some questions relating to the Ibrahim’s best projects, like The Legian Bali (Indonesia), The Nam Hai in Hoi An (Vietnam), The CapellaSentosa in Singapore, The Club at The Saujana in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Aman at Summer Palace in Beijing (China), The Chedi in Muscat (Oman), The Chedi in Milan (Italy), The Club at The Leela in Goa (India), The Setai South Beach in Miami (USA), and of course, the Dharmawangsa Jakarta, which we used as our event location.

After the 15-minute coffee break, the seminar continued to be the main event of Fumihiko Maki presentation. He spoke to the audience about the design concepts that he has always held to his well-known projects from beginning to its current, such as Hillside Terrace (1969-1992), Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (1992-1994), Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo (2006), Republic Polytechnic in Singapore (2007), The Media Lab Complex at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009), Redevelopment of Taipei Main Station Area (2014), and the latest Aga Khan Museum in Toronto (2014). He also presented one of his best, 4 World Trade Center in New York City (2014). Specifically for this project, Maki also ended with a 12-minute video that showed the process over this prodigious project.

Our very own contributor that has her own column ‘Art in Design’ in every edition of Indonesia Design, Deborah Iskandar, took to the floor and delivered an informative an inspiring talk on art collecting. Deborah is the founder of ISA Art Advisory, and is a highly qualified art adviser. This came to the forefront as she mimicked many of her installations during a slide-show in prestigious venues such as Amuz, restaurant and some prominent offices around town where she selected the artworks. Besides the personal and practical examples she also explained art collecting in a nutshell to those that may have no idea on how it works. Life is certainly an art, and nobody is more in the know about it than Deborah, as our guests enjoyed the highly informative discussion between Jaya Ibrahim, Fumihiko Maki, Deborah Iskandar and our moderator Henry G. Tjhi.

As a long and interesting day came to an end, a few formalities were completed by our Editor In Chief, Lina Gan. At the post-seminar cocktail party,  our entire editorial team surprised her with a cake and song as it was her birthday on the day as well. All of this would not have been possible without our valued sponsors : King Koil, which generously donated a Chiropractor mattress as door prize, Goodrich,  one of the leading wallcovering suppliers in Indonesia, and Grey Goose, which  enhanced the cocktail party with their exciting and innovative cocktails! As we celebrated our 11th Anniversary it humbled us to see the appreciation that our readers and the designers we feature have for us, and it remains our honour to inform and inspire for many more years to come.

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