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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party

Display Product - International ArtSwitch by AGN detail

International ArtSwitch


One of the biggest electrical accessories companies in Indonesia, AGN expresses their appreciation to art by collaborating with 208 artists from across 30 countries. They have turned switches into art according to their personal styles. These switches were first exhibited in Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta in 2017.

Syailendra Clutch

Designed by Aulia R. Rusdi of Lungsin

Lungsin showcases a collection of handheld purses as well as other lady’s bags and accessories, all lady’sbearing a weaving of Songket, one of the nation’s celebrated textiles. The material is a national heritage with hefty cultural significance and the inherent expectation for a worthy end result. One of its finest examples is the Syailendra Clutch, made with elaphe snake skin and Songket Palembang.


By Salto

Salto’s minimalist Ælement RFID lock allows the integration of all physical security needs in an energy efficient and easy-to-manage system. It is an evolution in hotel lock engineering with sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented, providing a minimalist design that blends with any hotel decor.

Achieve the Impossible and Flying Free

by Nady Azhry

Nady Azhry draws a flying fish with scattered colours, expressing the notion of “together we can achieve the impossible”. Mixed media, 55×55 cm, 2014

Iwan Tirta Private Collection for Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary

Designed by Era Soekamto

To celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, Iwan Tirta Private Collection unveiled a special local batik art inspired by the Disney icon. On a handmade batik fabric, Mickey’s timeless charm and fun character meets the elegant Garuda Serakit pattern, which conveys a symbol of sovereignty and independency. Each set of the Garuda Serakit pattern consists of 90 strands of the Garuda bird’s tail and wings, combined with nine illustrations of Hidden Mickey. In iD’s 15th Anniversary party, we displayed a framed batik pattern from this collection along with a sofa, a side table and a jewellery box from Iwan Tirta Home’s “Regalia” collection

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