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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party

Uluwatu Lace

Designed by Uluwatu Handmade Balinese Lace

A vivacious blend of a silky ivory-tinted top and a basic yet sophisticated skirt that are based on a Balinese motif, the set is sprinkled with intricate lace embroidery to enhance the look.

The two-piece set was made by Uluwatu’s designers to represent elegance, modesty, class and femininity at the same time.


By Dowa Bag

Inspired by a beautiful twilight that carries a red tinge and makes each leaf and flower blend with the beauty of the horizon, Kinanti is made of knitted nylon yarn combined with cowhide and high-quality materials.

A House in Grey

Sketched by Rudy Kelana

Despite his signature terracotta and monochromatic brown colour scheme, Rudy Kelana designed a house in a greyish tone. His drawing shows the serene ambiance and reflections from the house and the relationship between the structure and the landscape. This drawing was done with pencil, drawing pen and a grey Copic marker.

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Designed by Muhammad Ichsan for Atlas Pearls

Atlas Pearls held a jewellery design competition in cooperation with Indonesia Design. It was won by an architect who was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, and the golden ratio that he often finds in architectural work and nature. It can also be found in the shape of an ear. Ichsan created earcuffs using semi-round South Sea pearls. Each set uses six pieces of pearls with 18k yellow gold finish.


by  Priscilla Kayo

A two-metre high chair with purple orchid,baby esther, baby breath & foliage adorned with a wooden stool & tea light candle holders hand crafted with metal leaf finishing technique.

Mahameru Concrete Tile Expose Concrete

Designed by Patricia Dommasca of Expose Concrete

Expose Concrete has long been attempting to utilise concrete not only in industrial work, but as an aesthetic/artsy material that can be marketed to Indonesian households. With products like “Mahameru Concrete Tile”, the company strives to create decorative amenities with concrete as its medium. In the case of this product, its versatile looks make it perfect for all kinds of settings, whether that be commercial, retail, hospitality or residence.

Living Room

Sketched by Erwin Hawawinata

The living room is often considered as the heart of the home where family members gather. This is why architect Erwin Hawawinata pays special attention when designing a client’s living room. The architect, well-known for his classic design, excels in freehand drawing. His detailed drawings helps him develop his design from sketch to reality.

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