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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party

Display Product - Hedera


Designed by Nancy Go of Bagteria

This vintage-inspired bag by Bagteria has a sterling silver frame and is embellished with semi-precious stones, silver tassels, petite Japanese glass beads, fringes and sequins for a dramatic effect.

Display Product - Tulola

Keranjang Kupu-Kupu Subeng

by Tulola Jewelry

Inspired by the beautiful flower baskets woven from bamboo with resting wild butterflies, Keranjang Kupu-Kupu Subeng is one of Tulola Jewelry’s finest collections. Nature-themed “Keranjang Kupu-Kupu Subeng” aims to deliver utmost aesthetics with fine quality, through the inspiration of rice, subak, water, and its surrounding/similar natural elements.

Mother of Universe

Designed by Rinaldy Yunardi

Inspired by mother nature, 2017 World of Wearable Art winner Rinaldy Yunardi designed this armour-like jewellery. The form depicts how mother nature protects and nurtures the universe like a warrior, while its feminine figure expresses the peacefulness and fertility. Its first public viewing was in Rinaldy’s solo exhibition in 2017. It is made of metal with copper coloured finish, crystals and feather.

Christmas Deer

By Homeware International Indonesia

Christmas is a moment of joy celebrated all over the world. For this very special time, people decorate their house in a Christmas theme. As tastes become more contemporary, hence the decor won’t be merely red and green. Homeware International Indonesia designed this Chrismas deer, made of hand-polished natural stone from Ratu Boko and Gunung Ijo Mountain and combines it with selected pine wood.

Arjuna and Srikandi

Designed by Gunjiar of Wayang Batik Krebet

While batik is best known for its application on fabrics, Gunjiar and his fellow artisans in Krebet Village, Yogyakarta have been applying batik on wood since the 1980s. Like fabric batik products, Gunjiar’s creations also adapt characters from ancient stories, such as Mahabharata, depicted in these two characters Arjuna and Srikandi. The products include wayang, masks, bookmarks, key chains and other home ornaments.


By Zenith Design “Dare To Be Different”

Corinthian pillars were used for important buildings such as temples and palaces. As time went by, people adapted the pillars in many kinds of architecture works, like commercial buildings or private residences. The size and distance between the pillars are adjusted according to the size of the building to achieve the right proportion.

The Great Hall at St. Regis Jakarta

by Alexandra Champalimaud from Champalimaud Design

The Great Hall is a grand three-storey space at the heart of the St. Regis Jakarta. Inspired by the performative and emotional aspects of music, the space is meant to bridge worlds through sensory and social engagement, with interactive lighting sculptures and food and beverage offerings. The Great Hall will also be a study of the material exuberance of the country, offering inspiration in the beauty and forms of Indonesian patterns and symbols.

Monggo Chocolate

By Thierry Detournay

As the world’s third-largest cacao producer, there’s no doubt that we have enough chocolate for our own consumption. Unfortunately though, cacao is largely unused by produces here, especially since we consume high amounts of imported chocolate. A Yogyakarta-based Belgian chocolatier Thierry Detournay aimed to turn this around by starting his own company “Monggo Chocolate”. Thierry makes world-class quality chocolate from Indonesia’s very own supply on cacao that’s rich and flavourful.

Display Product - iD's Front Cover Chocolate Hall of Fame

Indonesia Design Front Cover Chocolate Hall of Fame

by Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

To celebrate the 15-year journey of Indonesia Design where we constructed a cake ensemble made of legendary dark chocolate couverture, strawberry crispy, chocolate pearl, with almond & croquant.

TWG Tea Accessories

By TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Elegant tea tins, hand-blown glass, porcelain, stoneware, cast iron teapots, and fine bone chinaware of all sorts can be found in TWG Tea Accessories Collection. The translucence of gold-inflected crystal prism and the lustre of silver, platinum and gold all lend their defining attributes to one-of-a-kind TWG Tea accessories that delight the eye, enliven the taste buds, will certainly appeal to modern tea drinkers in their adaptation of tradition to the contemporary tea table.

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