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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party

Alita Chair

Designed by Hans Susantio of Poros Living

Poros Living primarily focuses on making contemporary modern tropical designs for houseware products. The rattan-woven Alita Chair resonates with Indonesia’s artisanal heritage, while its fabric is proved to be exclusive to the tropics. The chair’s sleek and ergonomic curves highlight its contemporary identity.

Myrun Technogym

By Dyna Force

Myrun Technogym is designed to offer you the ultimate running experience, personalised training programmes and running technique feedback. This is the first running solution that integrates a treadmill and a native app that syncs to your tablet to help improve the way you run forever. Myrun Technogym won the 2015 RedDot Award.

Element of Na’vi River from Pandora’s World of Avatar’s Disney

By Viro (PT Polymindo Permata)

Viro has collaborated with Walt Disney’s engineering team to build Pandora – The World of Avatar setting. The decoration element is a part of thousands of elements produced by VIRO, an Indonesian-origin company that produces eco faux; a non-natural ingredients with High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) and the combination of natural and natural mineral ingredients. Made from eco-faux material that is hand woven by native Indonesian weavers, the decoration element for the Pandora forest setting of Disney Avatar film adorns the area of 4.7 hectares in Disneyland, Florida.

Faceless by Arti Gidwani

Designed by Arti Gidwani

Arti invites you to ponder the encapsulated facelessness inherent in the people and relationships you see. Perhaps we can collectively imagine a utopia where people meet and interact which can linger a bit longer in our individual minds. How much additional conscious effort will that entail from each of us? But surely that transition would make our future world a lot more personal, homely and happier. Dimension: 160cm x 80cm using glazed stoneware supported by iron.

120th Gold Limited Edition Beds

by King Koil

For their 120th anniversary last year, King Koil released a “120th Gold Limited Edition”. Each bed was crafted with exclusive leather and luxurious gold and black jacquard, limited to just 250 beds. Asides from the velvety exterior, the bed is also equipped with an exclusive “Gold Series” coil for extra support, and a specially designed “Talalay Embrace” mattress for the ultimate sleeping experience


Designed by Oka Diputra

It is Oka DIputra’s way of expressing his alienated and disconnected feeling whenever he is back in Bali after extended travelling.

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