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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party

Panjai Lounge Chair with Rope

Designed by Sita Fitriana of Djalin

A homage to the dwindling Dayak culture, this modest chair takes its inspiration from the tribe’s iconic longhouses, known as “Rumah Panjai”. The chair is crafted with solid ductile iron with powder coating (representing the resilience and adaptability of the Dayaks) and synthetic cotton yarn-based rope (based on the Dayaks’ broad use of rope in many of their daily commodities, such as hammocks and bags).

PALA Cokelat Mini

Designed by Ilham Pinastiko & Slamet Riyadi of PALA Nusantara

PALA Nusantara was one of Indonesia’s first wooden watch designers. The exquisite PALA Cokelat Mini shows a chic combination of exotic wood and leather. PALA Nusantara’s products exclusively use locally sourced materials and the skills of talented craftsmen in the country, with the hopes of promoting the cultural richness of our Archipelago.

Aney Box

Designed by Petrus Aryanto Soedjarwo of Parri

The lavish Anney Box is exquisitely designed by PARRI, and is made out of exotic stingray skin with cow bone for the accent. Only available in a reddish pink hue, its colour stands out vividly as does its texture too. Flat and firm, this box can be used to your precious items in style.

Vase Series

Designed by Arya Pandjalu

One way to describe these quirky vases is that they are chic and smooth at the same time. Sculpted with the help of pot making machines, Sayap Studio’s latest series of refined clay art has taken the form of bird-like vases, creating a playful yet elegant concept. Through this concept, the studio aims to brighten up people’s houses.

Guinness’ ONE INDONESIA Limited Edition

Designed by Darbotz and Ykha Amelz

As part of their 2018 collaboration campaign “Together We Are More”, Guinness commissioned a special edition for the Indonesian market, with the help of a couple of creative minds, namely graffiti artists Darbotz and Ykha Amelz. Drawing inspiration from Panca Mahabhuta and Indonesia’s national motto of Unity and Diversity, the limited-edition cans feature a colourful and vibrant batik motive that represented the nation’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

Dapur Babah Elite’s Chinese Peranakan Lunar New Year Dinner

Designed by Tugu Restaurants Group Jakarta

In the Chinese Peranakan community in Jakarta’s Glodok area, the Chinese New Year (or Cap Go Meh) is usually celebrated with a wide array of festivities and food. Due to modernisation however, the practise is currently losing popularity and is therefore dying. To preserve the long forgotten tradition, Tugu Restaurants Group has made this exhibition in commemoration of their rituals; showcasing the icons, colours, and objects that were significant to the celebration.

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