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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party


Designed by T Kardin Pisau Indonesia

Kujang is a traditional weapon of the Sundanese people in West Java and Banten. The term “kujang” is derived from the words “kudi” (divine weapon) and “hyang” (godlike). With that translation, the kujang was believed to have the divine powers of healing the sick and driving enemies away. In the past, kujangs were only given to nobles and highly intelligent people.

Sheep Horn Watch

Designed by Groot Team, Concept by Nurasakastudio

Made from a material known to be as durable and hardy as its namesake, the Sheep Horn Watch is a very reliable timepiece. Apart from its material, this watch also carries a strong cultural value, being the creations of Indonesia’s highly skillful bone carvers and craftsmen.

Batik Babon Angrem Riningan

Designed by Nathaniel Wijaya of Levendig

This chair portrays a leader who wants to express their love for their people, country and culture through the batik motif from Solo named “Batik Babon Angrem Riningan”. The impressive masterpiece was entirely crafted by the hands of passionate artisans from all over Indonesia. As it was a massive collaboration project, it took months to gather all of the pieces.

Johnny Walker’s Blue & Gold Labels Limited Edition for IOS and ISA Art Advisory

Designed by Sinta Tantra

In commemoration of the Indonesia Opera Society (IOS)’s efforts and resilient working spirit, the IOS had collorated with British-based Balinese artist Sinta Tantra, to design their Blue Label Johnny Walker bottle, as the whiskey brand is a favourite of the group. The bottles portray musical notes and geometry as a nod to their musical background, and the bottles were named after Sinta’s art exhibition in Indonesia, which in turn was dedicated to her Balinese heritage. Sinta also collaborated with ISA Art Advisory to design Johnny Walker’s Gold Label bottle in conjunction with her first solo exhibition in Indonesia entitled “A House in Bali”. 

Ephemeral Food

Design Concept  by Giles Marx, Maitre Cuisinier de France (Master Chef of France) Langouste Puce, Seafood Bouillabaisse.

Indonesia archipelago seafood treasures, starring small (Puce) Lombok bamboo lobsters beautifully arranged in a contemporary gastronomic creation with AMUZ unforgettable French touch.

Objects of Curiosity

Designed by Daphne Zepos

A set of bejewelled carved-out decors and accessories inspired by a blend of antique carvings, semi-precious stones, Chinoiserie decors, metallurgy and the designs of Balinese craftsmen, “Objects of Curiosity” is certainly a spectacle. With many different variations and products  in her collection, Daphne Zepos’ work intends to make the pieces feel both classic and reminiscent, as some of the objects are taken from furniture pieces dating back to the 16th and 17th century.

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