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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party

Portabella Lounge Chair

Designed by Abie Abdillah for Vivere

Inspired by the Portabello mushroom by name and design, these petite yet quirky and modernistic lounge chairs are designed for comfort with a delicate mix of rattan and plush fabric. Despite its neutral greyish hues, its aesthetic curves ensure a calm and soothing feel to the chair. With its fashionability and efficiency in space and use, we can see why the chair won the “Good Design Indonesia” award in 2017. It was curated and manufactured by one of the biggest interior design giants in the country, Vivere.


Designed by Studio Dapur

Dulang is part of a collaboration with the artisans of Padakembang village in Tasikmalaya. No chemicals are used in the production process. In fact, Dulang is entirely handcrafted and ethically made (in addition to its eco-friendly quality). Studio Dapur also tops off their products with a non-toxic water-based coating in order to guarantee the health and safety of their clients.

Suka Tray

Designed by Studio Dapur

Deeply inspired by Indonesia’s cultural aesthetics, Studio Dapur makes handmade artisanal bamboo homeware with nuances of wood. As a social-enterprise-based design studio, Studio Dapur aims to bring simplistic bamboo materials back into the spotlight through everyday items like the tray, for example.

Kevala Ceramics Stoneware

Designed by Kevala Creative Team

Kevala creates ceramic stoneware usable for dining, interior and wellness experiences that are both utilitarian and decorative. This collection for one, was designed by their hotel interior decoration’s creative team. In Kevala’s words, “Our ceramics aim to enhance experiences, as our sense of giving and generosity is already ingrained in our DNA.”


Designed by T Kardin Pisau Indonesia

T Kardin Pisau Indonesia strives to craft custom military and tactical blades for public use, and embed them with Dayak and Javanese motives like the katana displayed here. The local enterprise also aims to promote the art of blades, from katanas to knives, as well as their functionality in our daily lives (such as cutting or self-defense).

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