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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party


Designed by Dody Andri

Yogyakarta-based wooden product brand RUAYA started with speakers and watches before announcing its bags and clutches collection. RUAYA bags are made for those with a penchant for unique products with great functionality and contemporary aesthetics. To reduce their environmental footprint, RUAYA uses leftover wood from production and transform them into small souvenirs and gifts.

Bronze Tray with engraved motifs circa 9th Century from Central Java

Javanese Antique Talam from The Suharnoko’s collection

Priests used large bronze trays to hold their ritual requisites or offerings. The Central Javanese trays, or talams (previously known as tahas) have either an upright or widening rim with a decorated centre. A favourite motif is the Sangkha or conch-shell, an auspicious symbol often seen in Central Javanese temples.

Alisa Basket with Wooden Leg, Blue Splatter Pitcher and Yupa Cake Stand

By Cayenne

Cayenne is a home decor store with contemporary products that are rooted in Indonesian heritage. Examples of these products include Alisa Basket with Wooden Leg, a woven basket made of plastic and grade-A mahogany that can be used for storage or as a plant pot cover; Blue Splatter Pitcher, part of a ceramic set inspired by the blirik motif that can be found in antique tableware; and Yupa Cake Stand, handmade from teak wood and recycled glass waste.

Flawed Paradigm

Designed by Michelle Alphonsa

We tend to believe that our body shape heavily restricts the types of clothing that would look appealing on us. Michelle’s goal is to shatter these outdated perceptions by focusing on how fashion is able to complement someone’s body. The designer believes that fashion is a form of art that can bring out the best versions of someone and present that to the world.


by PT Sari Keramindo with sketches by Sudarman Angir & LK Bing

When we produces our “Surabaya” edition, we realised that the city has many things to offer, thus we decided to feature two covers in one edition for the first time. With the rise of urban sketching in the country, we invited senior designers Sudarman Angir and LK Bing to sketch different corners of Surabaya. The covers then turned into cheese platters by PT Sari Keramindo, which were the souvenir of our “Surabaya” edition launch event in 2016.

The Habit

by Mohammad Taufiq (Emte)

Interested in capturing the atmosphere and mood of a scene whether private or public, Emte’s most recent work conveys those everyday moments missed in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Exploring domestic spaces, familiar scenes, and yet the most fascinating is the daily rituals of life that are referred to in these works. Things and spaces between people are discussed by their absence, while the subjects of the scene are no longer present. This gives meaning to the mundane existence, referencing both the hurried pace of life and our preference of other activities. With such scenes, we see the remnants of meals shared and time well spent. Water colour on paper, 57 x 77 cm.

Display Product - KAR

Foliage #2

Designed by KAR

Foliage #2 is an interpretation of mother nature’s beauty that is translated into a series of porcelain jewellery. Natural beauty and delicacy is visualised in the organic shapes found in nature, which is perfectly achieved with ceramic. The series has been crafted for semi-formal and formal occasions in broken white coloured ceramic with a hint of gold. Each flower is modelled and painted by hand, one petal at a time, hence making the pieces heart-warming and feeding our desire for handmade objects in today’s digital era.

2013 Indonesia Design Award

Designed by Pintor Sirait

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary, we held our first Indonesia Design Award in Bali, with a trophy designed by notable Bali-based artist Pintor Sirait. It was made with colorful metal, which exhibits Pintor’s signature. It was inspired by Santi Rivai’s design for the cover of our 10th Anniversary edition.

Display Product - iD's Front Cover Chocolate Hall of Fame Detail

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