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Everything Showcased at iD’s 15th Anniversary Party

The Elliptical Tunnel by SWP

The Elliptical Tunnel

Designed by Yohannes Mochtar for Synthetic Wall Panel (SWP)

Made of synthetic wood, the Elliptical Tunnel by SWP is termite-free, non-toxic, bendable without heat, and able to withstand extreme humidity. The material helps bring about a prominent 3D effect but without a complicated installation. SWP offers a wide variety of options to fit your aesthetics. This tunnel is jewelled with downlights from Spectra by Lelco.

Alur Lamp Collection

Designed by Budiman Ong of Ong Cen Kuang

This ethereal light series created with zippers is built on the concept of ‘broken-symmetry’. Its maker, Ong Cen Kuang handcrafts elegant lighting pieces with unexpected material choices. They have just launched the mini sizes of their Alur collection, enabling them to configure various installations by mixing different shapes and sizes to make a dynamic union. They consider it as a slight nod to Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity).

Display Product - At the End of the Day by Arin Sunaryo

At the End of the Day

by Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo

Best known for his 2D resin artworks, Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo collected the left over resin and used it for creating new form, 3D objects. At the end of the day, it becomes a part of his creative cycle and he breathes a new artful meaning to the leftovers, so as to further enhance our mind and soul.

Business Lounge – an Exclusive Living Experience

By Vastuhome

Vastuhome created a special lounge area with a deep colour tone that featured the iconic knotted chair, a nice set of wooden tables along with a carbon chair from MOOOI and a leather sofa from Zanotta. The combination culminated into an elegant and luxurious lounge with a contemporary charm. Get inspired with Vastuhome – a modern furniture showroom in South Jakarta.

Giraffe Lamp and Emil the Cat

Designed by Dodi Mustafa of Jamooga

Education and eco-morality are the values that Jamooga tries to convey through their creations. The Giraffe Lamp is a children lamp while Emil the Cat is a fun toy. Both made of wood, these home decor items by Jamooga invite people to think about their love for animals.

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