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What the Dutch Ambassador Says about Interior Design

The terrace at the back garden of the dutch residence is one of the most serene parts of the house. indonesia design had a short chat with Jacqueline Swartbol, the wife of Netherlands ambassador to indonesia rob swartbol, on design.


What was your interior design approach for the residence?

Most of the design dates back to the renovation in 2000. it is a relatively classical design combined with modern elements. some furniture, for instance, the outdoor chairs and tables, was reproduced in line with the design trends of the period the house was originally built, in the twenties of the last century.


What are some of your favorite design products in the residence?

I love the big lamp in the dining room from the dutch design company Moooi. Also, I’m very fond of the outdoor lounge set, made in Indonesian style.

What’s the design world in The Netherlands like?

The latest trends go towards analog, low-tech or basic designs–and, of course, sustainability is also a buzzword in the design industry.


What does design mean in your life?

We love the combination of old and new. if the connection is made in the right way, you can have breathtaking results. in some old inner cities in the Netherlands, you can find beautiful examples of new structures connected to old buildings. in our home, we have a large hanging lamp [above the dining table], designed as a traditional chandelier but surrounded by a plastic, half mirroring shade. It gives a very special effect when the light is turned on.


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