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Harmony in Diversity

Indonesia, with its richness in cultural traditions, ceremonies and rituals, has a tremendous legacy which is endlessly diverse. The legacy also includes thousands of textile varieties that are spread throughout the archipelago. It has been a lifelong dream for BIN house – one that began in the 1990s – to gather these rare pieces and display them in a museum. After 20 years of meticulous planning, the dream has transformed into an awe-inspiring, educative and informative site that whispers about harmony and diversity, two words that we are beginning to forget in modern times.

Opening its doors to the public on 20 November 2013 and managed by Bin House Indonesian Creation, Museum Kain is located on the third floor of Beachwalk Kuta Lifestyle Resort, Bali

STORY BY Anton Adianto PHOTO BY Bagus Tri Laksono


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