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Wonders of Weaving at Maison&Objet Paris 2017


Riri Yakub (Principal of Atelier Riri)


Founder and principal of Atelier Riri, Novriansyah Yakub (Riri) always highlights the integration of architecture and the surrounding environment to create a sustainable design. A graduate of Trisakti University, majoring sustainable houses in urban cities, Riri’s projects have been exhibited, nominated and published around the world, including at IAI Design Week/JAT 2014, Aga Khan Award 2013, and in Venice Architecture Bienale in Italy. Since 2010, the architect has been giving lectures at several universities in Indonesia.



Stackhouse project came up as a solution in delivering a comfortable living space to combat excessive heat and noise. “Taking a contextual approach, we see the challenge as an opportunity in utilising synthetic rattan,” Riri says. His weaving approach resulted in a stacked mass that highlights contemporary-style weave panels, giving rattan character that also function as heat and noise reducer. The application, in both external and interior, serves as decorative element that came from a unique production process; from the weaving process to the application process. Working with BYO Living craftsmen in designing and producing the weaving project, Riri believes that he shares the same spirit with the people he worked with in providing and utilising the eco-friendly synthetic rattan as an alternative green material. “I believe it is always good to use materials that promote minimum-waste in the production process,” Riri says. “Observing the location of our collaboration project, we also see the challenge in the surroundings as a great opportunity to apply our cultural heritage, weave, in architecture.”


Yanto Effendi (Co-Founder of MODERNSPACE)


Together with Hanny Lim, Yanto Effendi founded MODERNSPACE, a multi-disciplinary architectural practice, in 2002. The firm’s work spans a vast array of typologies, including residential, institutional, hospitality, offices and retail environments. They explore the richness in each material and give fine detailing in every aspect of their projects. MODERNSPACE’s design philosophy focuses on creating modern architectural forms and spaces that are comfortable and liveable. They believe that each project is unique; each project constitutes a specific response to its programme and its site.



This budget boutique hotel is known for its good service, comfort and cleanliness. When designing this hotel in Arjuna, West Jakarta, Yanto Effendi ensured that the architecture, as one of the most important hardware, would compliment the known qualities. Budget hotels tend to be efficient in construction, yet the architect still can manage to achieve great aesthetics while responding to several technical issues.

Byo Living woven panels have been used on the front façade. It gives the hotel a modern look, while providing a natural feeling from the detailed texture of the synthetic rattan material. As well as having a beautiful appearance, the woven panels hide the outside air conditioning units that are installed beside the balcony. The pores of the woven panels allow the aircon units to work efficiently as they need to have direct access to free air flow.

The thin panels are light and easy to use for the overall construction and helped Yanto stay within the budget while still adding value to the overall architecture and space.

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