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Wonders of Weaving at Maison&Objet Paris 2017


Irianto Purnomo Hadi (Principal of Antara Studio)


Irianto Purnomo Hadi puts confidence in the integration of architecture and nature. The brain behind Antara Studio, Irianto is passionate about delivering an environmentally friendly approach, particularly with regard to the economic aspects and to generating less wasteful consumption patterns. His work has been recognised in the national and international sphere, including the Jakarta Architecture Triennale 2009 and Indonesian Architects for the International Union of Architects Congress 2011 in Tokyo.



In his quest to explore the possibilities of stone craftsmanship, Irianto partnered with MM Gallery, Surabaya-based artisans to create ‘Batu Suar’ or Flared Stone. “I would like to explore a new technique that people would not expect,” Irianto says. The result, the luminous Batu Suar, has a unique twist, by showing both opacity and translucency in a way that retains the massiveness of the block of stone while also suggesting hollowness. Taking a closer look, the iridescent stone was made of a 3mm-thinned stone slice that was folded or bent to contrive cubic forms. “The process we use is efficient and environmentally friendly because we need less raw material.” Irianto shares the same spirit with BYO Living in showcasing innovation through cutting-edge techniques and technology that are also ecologically sound.


Jeffrey Budiman (Principal of Grain & Green)


Jeffrey Budiman started his own design bureau Grain & Green in 1990 after a brief stint at a local architectural consultant Grahacipta Hadiprana. Since then, the firm has been rapidly developing and has become a household name, especially in residential architecture in Indonesia. From architecture, Jeffrey evolved to other subjects such as interior design, furniture and artwork, lighting and bathroom products, while continuing to emphasize functional, efficient and culture-specific design with a modern slant.



Jeffrey was inspired by ‘flying ribbon’ in creating this work, making use of clever technology to bring his imagination into reality. He applied the woven silhouette onto the onyx, which was made using highly skilled stone craftsmanship by MM Gallery. Hard and rigid materials such as stone and marble can become pliable with the help of advanced machinery. It offers new ways of twisting, bending, folding, turning and creating countless shapes, resulting in a freedom to exercise creativity and conceive unique concepts.

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