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Why Nyoman Nuarta’s NuArt Sculpture Park is a Must-See

Founded by renowned sculptor NyomanNuarta, NuArt Sculpture Park is not only home to his artworks, but it also functions as a platform for contemporary performances and exhibitions from all over the world.

Photo by Bagus Trilaksono and Nuart Doc.


NuArt Sculpture Park


NuArt Sculpture Park is a three-hectare park filled with artworks of the contemporary sculpture pioneer Nyoman Nuarta. Established
 in 2000, the park does not look like anything you see elsewhere in Bandung; it is a modern-style building with facilities that are often used for both art performances and exhibitions.

Nyoman, founder and owner of NuArt Sculpture Park, says the park has one mission; to promote contemporary art and design to the general public. “It needs not to be intimidating but presented in an elegant way,” Nuarta says.

Although the site is home to almost 300 of Nuarta’s works, the sculptor provides space and facilities for other artists who need a place to exhibit or perform their arts. Facilities within the area consist of indoor and outdoor Theatres, Artspaces, Craft Boutique, Café & Restaurant, and Nuarta’s workshop.


On your way to visit the sculpture park, a giant hand sculpture shows the way. Hidden at the rear of Setraduta residences, the park is an enclosed space surrounded by a luscious green landscape.

“The concept aims to attract people who have no interest in art to visit a museum or gallery. The layout was intentionally designed like this, so you don’t need to be an art lover to enjoy the area.”

Bali-born Nyoman is synonymous with Indonesian sculpture. A graduate of sculpture arts from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Nuarta realises his passion is not to produce traditional Balinese sculptures. His talent lies on the paradoxical beauty of his ‘wild’ sculpture creations.

Entering the four-storey blue-hued building, the exposed concrete interior represents the contemporary style of the artworks being displayed. The first floor is the lobby, while temporary exhibition and Nuarta’s sculptures are exhibited on the second and third floors. The fourth floor is dedicated for a theatre and office.

Behind the main building is an outdoor theatre dedicated for art performances. Nuarta says that the ambience of the area combined with the green surroundings creates a majestic effect on a show, especially at night.


Passing the café & restaurant, his workshop is located below the museum level, tucked away by a river. The workshop area is where his staff create parts and pieces for the sculptures.

Nuarta said that NuArt Sculpture Park is adding more facilities to create more engagement for those who are interested to explore art. The on-going construction is located just beside the restaurant.

“This will always expand, slowly but sure. This place is a hub where creative process and result happens. I built this so everyone can enjoy art, not only my artworks.”



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