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What We Like: New in Design

Explore Indonesia Design's top picks of the latest releases in the world of design this week, from the cool, luxurious private jets to exquisite new hotels.

Wallsauce Impressions
Whether you want to have a good-looking bookshelf in your pad (but worry about limited space and regular dusting) or whether you for aim for fancy wall-wide artwork (but think endlessly about your budget) worry no more. Wallsauce understands your design aims, space concerns and budget. The UK-based wallcovering manufacturer offers multiple graphic options, from abstract paintings, bookshelf impressions to faux marble. Enjoy a luxurious and personalised look with less expensive and low-maintenance wallpaper.

The Warehouse Singapore

The Warehouse
The Loft, photo courtesy of The Warehouse

Singapore is a treasure box for architectural heritage buildings. This has been given a nod by the famous local restaurateur Lo & Behold Group, which has ventured into the hotel business with the opening of The Warehouse. Located on the banks of the Singapore River, the hotel is housed in a space built as a warehouse in 1895. Industrial interior design all over the hotel rings true to its origins. The warehouse look in its 37 guest rooms were devised by local artisans.

MDF Italia Sign Filo Chair

Filo Sedia chair, Courtesy MDF Italia
Filo Sedia chair, Courtesy MDF Italia

Milan-based furniture manufacturer MDF Italia launched its new Sign Filo. The chair is made of 45 metres of thin wire that has been processed through an interweaving-and-welding process, just like a precious metal. The material allows the chair to have hollow space in the middle of the construction. Designer Piergiorgio Cazzaniga makes the chair’s build into part of its appeal, along side a catchy outline and elegant metal finish.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg by Herzog and de Meuron

Photo courtesy of Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Photo courtesy of Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

The wait is over for the people of Hamburg, as well as for fans of Herzog and de Meuron, as Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is complete after 15 years in the making. The facade of the building looks like it consists of several tents. The stage is located in the centre of the hall, with a drop ceilingto optimize lighting. The concert hall adapted an organically shaped ceiling for an optimized sound distribution for the 2,100 spectator seats. The organic feel of the ceiling influenced the space’s overall design, even down to the chairs.

Bolon x Jean Nouvel

Bolon by Jean Nouvel, Photo courtesy of Bolon
Bolon by Jean Nouvel, Photo courtesy of Bolon

After collaborating with Italian fashion house Missoni, Bolon is teaming up with the award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel for a collection highlighting textured appearances and hand-woven vinyl visual effects. The designs exhibit the architect’s fondness of solid shapes and contemporary stylings. Products are come in rolls and 50×50-cm tiles. The collection was launched at Stockhold Furniture Fair in February . See more patterns here.

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