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Feel the SEA: Uniqlo Unveils Southeast Asian-inspired T-shirts

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has always been inspired by culture. With a booming presence in Southeast Asia (SEA), they launched "Feel the SEA", a special collection under their UT T-shirt line. This series was uniquely designed by Southeast Asian graphic designers.

For their latest collaborative project, Uniqlo handpicked SEA-based graphic designers to represent the latest inspirations from the region.

The three graphic design experts express the region’s localities through contemporary graphics – from
drawings of waves that represents unique geographic appearance of the region, to tropical fruit that can be easily found in SEA.

uniqlo feel the sea indonesia

Surabaya-based micro design studio Sciencewerk represents Indonesia with their unique design approach. They explored different disciplines to portray what’s happening in the fields of design, art and technology.

uniqlo feel the sea philippines
The Philippines is represented by Inodoro, a Cebu-based graphic design bureau by PJ Ong, who brings extraordinary works based on abstract principles, instinctive design and form manipulation.
uniqlo feel the sea thailand
Thailand is represented by Minchaya Chayosumrit, a graphic designer and drawing expert from Bangkok. He is one of The Archivist’s founders, a studio that produces contemporary graphics and art prints with hand-made filtering techniques in collaboration with many artists, designers, illustrators from both Thailand and around the world.

Through the “Feel the SEA” collection, Uniqlo brings fresh new looks with modern graphics and local taste to everyday clothing. The collection is available at Uniqlo stores in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

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