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The Secret to Artistic Walls

The colours and finishing style of a wall can affect the whole mood of a room. If the choosing of colours and application of The paint is not well done, it might result in a total redo, which can be very inconvenient. Diverso Art & Decoration, supported by San Marco Paint, prevents just that by supplying a vast range of decorative paints and excellent application services.


San Marco is a decorative paint with 80 years of history. Founded in Italy, it is available in many countries. In Indonesia, it is distributed exclusively by Diverso Art & Decoration. With such a long experience, San Marco has developed so many types of products and finishing techniques for interior and exterior, namely the Venetian Stucco, Marble Travertine Plaster, Velvet effect, Metallic paints, Gold paints, Pearls effect and other special effects. In the development process they work closely with designers, architects, home owners and contractors to bring new and exciting products to the market.

To make sure that the paints are applied well, Diverso Art & Decoration provides paint application services, supervision and quality control on site, and a complementary touch-up during the finalisation of every project.


They will also be launching a design consultation service for renovation projects as well as a few products, one of them being a gadget that helps client see the actual colour in their homes or buildings before paint is applied. All of these are in line with their motto: “To sell the best products and provide satisfying services to our clients.”

Diverso’s applicator team is trained by Italian professional instructors at San Marco Asia headquarters in Singapore. The San Marco Paint (Asia) Pte. Ltd. is led by Luigi Sparacello, who carries decades of experiences in building decoration. Marina Bay Sands, Venetian Macau and Four Seasons Macau are amongst his successful projects so far.


Diverso maintains the same quality of each paint and technique that they provide. However, the trending application in 2018 based on the number of requests from customers is the ironic and authentic edgy look. It is mostly applied by trowel or by brush and sponge, depending on the wall surface.

They are predicting that earthy and natural colours will set trend in Indonesia in the near future. Different countries usually have different trends, but one thing for sure, Diverso will keep experimenting with ways and tools for mixing the paints to get unique effects.

Wall colour trends may come and go, but San Marco paint is here to stay because it accommodates a wide range, but relevant, of products and always keeps up with the consumers’ needs.



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