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The Cabinet of Curiosities chez Hermès

The saying goes ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but let’s admit it — in this aesthetic-conscious world, everybody does. If the cover of a book, in the literal sense, plays a huge role in its attractiveness, so does the window display of a store.

STORY BY Natasha Gan PHOTOS BY Zim&Zou

For a world-class luxury brand like Hermès, its storefront design must unequivocally reflect its distinguished reputation, and reflect it did.  France-based artist duo Zim&Zou reinterpreted the wonders within museums of natural history into the window display ofHermèsMaison in Shanghai.

Leather offcuts from Hermès ateliers in Paris that didn’t make it to the Birkin or Kelly bags, are meticulously hand-crafted and transformed into peacocks, butterflies, insects, fish and more. The installation that required three months of expertise, beams with colours and bespoke craftsmanship, inviting passers-by to stop and admire.

The wunderkammeris enclosed within two main windows, one for marine creatures and the other for airborne. Meanwhile, the land-based wildlife occupies the adjacent two smaller windows. One of its residents is the orange fox, previously a habitant of Zim&Zou’s artistry at Hermès Barcelona.

What lucky animals to be living in the world of Hermès!


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