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Fragrance Fashion: The Beginning of A New Unknown

Fragrance is a fashion house based in Bandung that embodies beauty and craftsmanship with each detail on their fabric. The label relies on handmade applications, precise pattern hitting, and delicate finishing to ensure that each clothing is unique. Single-handedly established by interior design lecturer Mariam Mutiara Rizkie, or affectionately known as Kikichan, the label has grown from just a capital of three million rupiah.

Story and Photo by Kikichan Fragrance


Before founding Fragrance in 2006, Kikichan was in fashion design as a fun getaway. She now enjoys the production and brand development processes. At Fragrance, each piece has a strong character that expresses her interpretations of life. She believes that life is surreal, playful, and filled with imaginations and colours. In 2015, Kikichan started to collaborate with Ciccha Hudaya, who also shared the same vision, taste, and perspective in fashion design. Kikichan welcomed Ciccha on board and expanded the business into five sub-brands together.

Kikichan Fragrance

The ready-to-wear brand has been around in the Indonesian fashion market for more than 10 years. With this brand, Kikichan allows more people to enjoy her whimsical take in life. She keeps the products exclusive by producing limited pieces per design.


Fragrance Tie the Knot

Taking advantage of the endless tailoring opportunities for wedding gowns and kebayas, Fragrance Tie the Knot works closely with brides to present a perfectly made gown that suits each bride’s taste and personality.

Fragrance Gold

Fragrance Gold is dedicated to Kikichan’s exploration of her personal self. Fragrance Gold was first launched along with Kikichan’s The Beginning of the New Unknown musical album.

Fragrance the Modiste

Fragrance Modiste proudly assists women with their special occasions by designing custom-made outfits from scratch. The products are mainly evening gowns, kebaya, and prom dresses.



Fragrance White Album

In 2015, Fragrance created the White Album line— a division for Muslim wear that offers modern hijab paired with high quality designer clothing. The line is dedicated to nurture the vibrant and inclusive community of hijabi women.


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